Pregnancy the second time

You know what is great about being pregnant with a child already on the outside? Well first of all, it goes by a lot faster. Last time around, I was anxiously counting down each day because I wanted so badly to be a mom. Well, now I am a mom. And I'm very busy being that mom. So while I am so thrilled and excited to be a mom of TWO, the time seems to go by much faster.

But even better than that... when you're pregnant with not-your-first, no one really feels inclined to give you any advice. Because I already know that I don't need to "stock up on my sleep now since I won't get any when the baby comes." That advice is a lie. I know full well that I will sleep BETTER after the baby comes. Back sleepers unite. Get me off my side and into back-sleeping heaven. Also, heartburn be gone, aching body be gone, and movement-preventing-belly be gone. I would just like to bend over and pick something up without the awkward Serena Williams grunting sound please and thank you. Pregnancy is not beautiful. It is everything unflattering happening in your body all at one.

You know what's not so great about being pregnant with a child already on the outside? Basically everything that has to do with caring for that rambunctious, curious, active little boy. From messy meal times, to emptied cupboards and drawers, to battles during every diaper change because that boy does not want to stop moving ever.

Seth has been especially crazy the past few days that Jason has been out of town (naturally). Extra whiny, extra destructive. And then this morning he threw up in his high chair and pooped in the bath (naturally).

It was an exhausting day. He's been testing my patience and mostly, I've earned an F. But then he sat on my lap for a bedtime story and in the middle of the book, turned and looked up at me with the sweetest little face and just said "Mommy" in the sweetest little voice. And then after saying our prayers, while I sang him a song, he smothered me in runny-nosed kisses. And now for the cliche, that is why it's all worth it. It's funny how real the parent cliches become when you are a parent. They may be overused, but man are they true.


  1. Isn't it crazy the ups and downs you have as a parent? You'll be great with two. It's a challenge--but an amazing adventure! Especially with boys! I would know--I have three! ;-)

  2. Back sleeper!! Sleeping pregnant was the WORST

  3. This is great insight. Gordon is only 5 months and I want another baby!!!