Working Mom

Working Mom is a silly term. All moms are working all of the time. In the past year, I've experienced different varieties of the working mom. Stay-at-home, work-from-home, work-away-from-home, work-part-time-away-from-home-and-part-time at home, work-from-home-part-time. None of them are easy. Some of them are slightly harder than others due to lack of flexibility or the emotional toll of missing your child.
In some ways, being in the office during the day is a lot easier than working from home. I'm able to focus on my work with less distractions, but I miss being with my child. When working from home, I can take little breaks through out the day to give Seth my full-attention, and I'm able to hammer though a lot during nap time, but when his needs and client needs coincide, that's some major stress-inducing stuff. Like being holed up in a room on an hour-long client call, presenting a research report while your child is wailing at the bottom of the stairs because he wants your attention and there's nothing that you can do about it.
It's not easy. I've felt incredibly overwhelmed. Things have been particularly busy at work, and Seth is in the busiest stage of his life thus far. Always on the go, and always curiously getting into things or onto things that need some supervision. Throw a time-consuming calling and pregnancy on top of that, and I'm down for the count.
Recently, I've felt like I'm doing it all and none of it well.
When I went back to work, Jason and I had some specific goals we wanted to accomplish. Mainly, to get completely out of debt. So as we neared that goal, and with a second baby on the way, I decided to forgo sticking it out until maternity leave and just get home full-time as quickly as possible.
This will be my first full-week at home in 10 months. I'll continue working in a freelance capacity with my current company, which will ultimately be the best situation as I'll have greater control over my schedule and workload. Plus I'll get to continue to work, which I genuinely enjoy doing.
But mostly, I'm just happy to be home.

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  1. I feel ya! Excited for you to have your second!!