Summer trip to CA

A few weeks ago, we went out to visit my parents in California. Here's a little synoposis of what our week looked like:

- Fly in Saturday afternoon
- Drive to Yosemite on Sunday and camp until Monday
- Hang out at the house on Tuesday
- Jason and I drive to Santa Cruz on Wednesday and stay until Thursday
- Hang out at the house on Friday
- Fly home Saturday

Basically, it was not a long enough trip. But we had an absolute blast while we were there and Seth loved soaking up Nana and Grandpa and Edison time. A dog that will actually play with you! A house full of yummy food and people that will happily give it to you. A pool with fountains! That is little boy heaven right there.

This is the moment right before Jason jumped into the cold, swift current and lost his wedding ring. We were both amazed that he made it 5 years seeing as it was too loose from the get-go. It has already been replaced with a ring that we both like even better than the first, so yay to losing wedding rings?
Jason and I enjoyed a child-free day and night in Santa Cruz, and ended up doing kid things anyway, like going on rides at the boardwalk, playing at the arcade, and eating pizza for dinner.
We visited Fairytale Town and Seth learned how to go down a slide all by himself. I also came across the same cheese that I took a picture in with my brothers when I was maybe 2. It was A LOT smaller than I thought. I was expecting that thing to tower over my head... which I guess it did the last time I saw it.
Peace out California.

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