July Recap

July has come and gone. It was a busy one for us.
 Family was in town for the 4th. We ate some good food and watched the fireworks. Seth did great and wasn't bothered by them.
 This boy just seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. I'd like for him to stop.
 A family that swims together stays together.
 Jason and I took a very quick trip to Nashville and this is the only picture I took the entire time.
 Our babysitters loving reminded us that we hadn't been on a date in awhile, so we booked them for last Friday. And then didn't ever make any final plans. To avoid our typical dinner and a movie, we decided to go to Sprouts for a delicious assortment of cheese and have a little picnic. Well, cheese is expensive and we easily could have gone to a nice restaurant for what we spent! But we were treated to the most incredible Colorado sunset that night, and I guess you can't put a price on that.
First full week home from work complete! And this boy has been a gem.

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