#2 Brings Even More Blue

It's a boy! I don't think I can adequately explain how excited I am for another little boy. Logistically, it obviously makes my life easier since I already have boy clothes, and toys, and accessories. But even more than that, I'm so excited for Seth to have a little brother, to have two little boys running amuck in the house.

We found out really early. I was only 13 weeks when they called with the gender results. They have this new blood test where they draw a little bit from you, and are able to determine the chromosomes of the baby. They check for any chromosomal defects and can tell you if your baby has XY or XX chromosomes. Pretty amazing.

Leading up to the test I was feeling pretty sure that it was going to be a girl. I even had the perfect name already picked out. (Which I still love and am saving for the day a little pink might enter our lives.) Jason was also thinking it was going to be a girl. When the nurse called me with the results, I asked her to tell me the results of the chromosomal defects and then call back and leave a voicemail with the gender, so Jason and I could listen to it together after work.

That notification tormented me all day long. And I told Jason to drive home as fast as he could. The moment he walked in the door, we played the voicemail on speaker and heard the nurse tell us that is was a BOY! We were both shocked and so excited. Let's be honest, we would have been thrilled either way. But after being so sure that it was a girl, it was really fun to imagine what it would be like with another little boy in the house.

So now the torturous part of coming up with a boy name that Jason and I agree on begins. We have vastly different opinions when it comes to boy names. And since Seth's name was Jason's #1 pick last time, I feel like I get a trump card with this one. Right?


  1. Congrats! Super fun and exciting and terrifying. Haha..

  2. What a cute idea for a spousal gender-reveal! I just came across your cute blog and love it :)