A Walking Weekend

We went on a walk Friday evening. We had gone far enough and were heading home when we stopped at a big intersection to wait for the crosswalk. When the crosswalk light turned on, we began crossing the intersection when a car started to turn towards us. He was going slow at first, so I looked at him to make sure he was going to stop for us, as we were already well into the intersection. Jason was in front of me with Grizz, and I was walking a few steps behind pushing Seth in the stroller. All of the sudden, the car sped up and was headed straight for Jason. I called to Jason something about whether he thought this guy saw us and as Jason saw the car coming at him, he tried to quickly turn Grizz around to jump out of the way. And let's be clear, turning Grizz around quickly is like trying to take a sharp right with a Navy Aircraft Carrier. As the car got closer, I didn't know what else to do other than scream. Right as I was screaming, the driver slammed on the breaks and the car screeched to a halt. Luckily, he stopped 5 or 6 feet away from Jason, but it was still close enough that it got my heart racing. The rest of our weekend was much less eventful.
Seth walked around Jason's office on Saturday while Jason was grabbing a few things. Within a few minutes, Seth had gathered all of the balls from all of the surrounding desks and started relocating them. Footballs were in trashcans, and stress-balls were under desks 15 feet away from their original location.

Later than day, we walked around Aurora Resevoir, which we thought would be beautiful because we'd gone on walks over there on warmer days this winter. But the bugs were out in full force. We spent most of the walk waving our arms and keeping our mouths shut tight. So yeah, a very pleasant walk.

Then, Seth walked all over our car while we ordered a few drinks at Sonic.

And to top it all off, Seth walked around and around the pews, and rows, and hallways at church. 3-hour church with a 16-month old is a rare form of torture. Just 2 more months until Nursery! Hallelujah!

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