The One with Seth in a Grandpa Sweater

Jason is out of town on a "business" trip. Okay. Fine. Inappropriate use of quotation marks. He is on a business trip. Playing golf. So... "" it is.

Meanwhile at the Hammond House, perfect baby Captain Sethington decided that he'd had enough of being the captain of babyhood. Because reserving whine/crying just for when you're hungry is such a waste of your young, strong, freshly off oxygen lungs. So today, he decided to cry. A special treat for mom while dad is away.

But we survived, and now that little bundle of happy is asleep in his crib for the next 11 hours. And that is why he's the captain of babyhood.

I should probably just go to bed too, but instead I'm having a healthy and balanced dinner of muddy buddies and just realized that all I've eaten today in addition to my chocolatey friends is a handful of cheerios and a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

Annnd this is why I don't blog anymore. A crying baby and a lack of food consumption. Riveting stuff over here.