Oh hiiiiiii

I think I've reached the "I feel huge and would prefer to never go out in public" stage of pregnancy... annnd I'm only 33 weeks. Here we go.

So Craigslist. I keep telling myself to stop visiting that site. But I've found so many gems already (e.g. wine button-tufted chairs, a rustic West Elm console table, vintage metal lockers, a mid-century dresser) that it's hard to just say no. I told myself I was done when I'd finished furnishing the family room, kitchen, and master. But the office/guest room started calling to me, and the nursery needs to be addressed at some point. So I'm back at it, and there is no stopping me. (Furnish is a key word here. Furnished, yes. Decorated, no. There are still no holes in any of our walls. Not a one.)

Speaking of the house, we've been in it for a month and a half and Jason and I still turn to each other and say, "This house is awesome."

Grizz is the worst. And I love him. But for about 10 minutes every day, I dislike him greatly. And for the other 1,430 minutes... he is asleep.

And now for the captioned life:
1. The Colorado sky was showing off.
2. This is the extent of our Christmas decorations this year. I feel like a failure. Sorry Christmas, you deserve better.
3. A little family picture from Thanksgiving.