Wrong or Right

I was determined to prove my point. Luckily, this failure of mine works out to benefit us all anyway.

All during American Idol, I kept telling Jason that Phillip Phillips looked just like Matt Saracen aka Seven aka Zach Gilford. (This is now the appropriate time to tell you that if you haven't yet watched Friday Night Lights, you really need to get on that. And for the majority of you that have watched it, Clear eyes, full hearts!) Unfortunately, my "look how right I am collage" quickly turned into, "Okay, I was a little off but let's just finish it because...why the heck not?! collage."

So without further ado:

Twins? Brothers? Cousins? Or do I need glasses?


  1. did you see the photographs of Saracen's wedding that was making the rounds recently? oh my beautiful!

  2. Yes, I do think they look similar. More like brothers, not twins though.

  3. Young guys with hair all look alike to me.