For the last year, Jason and I have had 3 priorities. 3 things that we wanted in our lives. Nothing was as important to us. We'd go on long walks and talk about those things endlessly, constantly cycling through each one over and over again, never ever tiring of talking about the possibilities. And we never ever thought that they would all converge at one point and that we'd be blessed with each one so close to each other. But here we are. 2013 is turning out to be the greatest year of our lives. We better enjoy it because I can't imagine it getting better than this.

So here it is, the 2013 Hammond Trifecta.

The House
- We are at the electrical stage. Which means drywall will happen in a couple of weeks. And from drywall it's about 45 to 60 days until closing.
- It should be ready by end of September/early October.
- I'm positively giddy about being in our house before the holiday season. I'm even excited about Halloween and getting to hand out candy.. on my very own front porch.

The Dog
- Grizz is 11 weeks.
- We joked that if he were any more well behaved, he'd be a fish. And that would be boring.
- He's a whiz at mastering commands. Sit, stay, and come.
- He's not so great at mastering what he's NOT supposed to do. Like licking... with his teeth.
- He's super mellow. And super friendly. So come visit. Grizz would love to play with you.

The Baby
- Clearly I saved the best for last. Also, I apologize for this ultrasound picture. I think they are the most boring thing until they are your own. But seeing as I'm not showing, I have very little photographic evidence.
- I'm 14 weeks.
- The baby is due January 31st.
- This pregnancy has been very easy so far. I've had some of the typical symptoms, but all in all, it's been pretty pleasant.
- Yes, we are going to find out the gender. I've got too much type A in me to not find out.
- And yes, we're ecstatic.


  1. What a big life update this is. Congrats on all three. Your pup looks adorable! Mine would love to play with him :)

  2. I'm so happy that everything has worked out for you two. What a huge blessing :)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love the little in-utero wave going on. I'm glad that this has been your best year, ever. And just think! It's only going to get better ever year to come. Much love to you guys.

  4. Congrats lady! I am so happy for you! Especially the last one! How exciting!

  5. quite the year! oh my goodness!!

  6. We are so happy for you guys! We love you so much

  7. Congrats on all 3 wonderful big accomplishments in life! We want to build our second home.

  8. My favorite post yet!!
    Love, Mom

  9. This makes me sooo happy. We're saving Southwest points so we can visit all of the above frequently.

  10. BECCA!! Congratulations. This is such a wonderful miracle for you! The perfect storm of goodness. I love you both and am so happy for you!

  11. yayayayay!!!!! also that is Grey's birthday! :-)

  12. yay such a happy news!! congrats on all three!!