That's what you get wise guy

I'm happy to report that this year at Wellington Lake, we did not have any bear sightings. The only bear in sight was sick little Grizzly. He climbed into one of the kids camping chairs and was so dang cute, we didn't kick him out of it.
In another area of the campsite, there was equal cuteness going on from this little baby girl that I love so much.
More babies, and older babies, and oldest babies.
This girl took glamping to a whole new level. Leopard print, bedazzled pink hats. She's got it going on.
Guess who was not glamping.
And because it's not a Hammond get together without a made up game...
The Rules:
On go start running.
Kids throw on 1.
Girls throw on 2.
Boys were assigned different numbers after that.
And don't forget to run fast.
And probably don't stop.


  1. Is that a baby in a bag?!? lol Love it!
    ps. I've only gotten to go camping once this summer, but I think I need to start planning another trip! You've inspired me! :D

  2. omg that video made me wish I were part of your family even more!

  3. Hello Rebecca I am new to your blog today. I actually came across it after visiting Life. realized. Very glad I saw the link you posted on there. I am enjoying your writing and stories. I also read you grew up in CT I too and CT girl. Although your life outside of CT sounds pretty interesting and from you pictures I want to visit Colorado now.

    If you want check out my blogg http://mynotsofantasylife.blogspot.com/

    PS I am now following you on blog lovin.

  4. That photo of the pup at the top is killing me. Look at those forehead wrinkles! Adorable.

  5. Hey, I know you're probably gone for a good reason, just letting you know I miss your posts!

  6. Aww..your puppy is so adorable and what great photos:) Kisses, lovely.