Red Rocks and Nursery Blues

We went up to Red Rocks Amphitheater this weekend. This is were crazy people go to work out. They run, skip, and leap up the benches of this massive venue and then crab crawl down, and stop half way for some push-ups, and it is all very exhausting to watch. There are plenty of sane people that come to walk the stairs, and take in the beauty, and chat with strangers who stop to pet their dog.
Then there are the really cool people who go back at night for a concert. We'd like to join the ranks of those cool people some day.
Sticking with our weekend tradition, we went and visited our house. And brought all those we could drag along with us. It looks like the electrical and plumbing is pretty much done. Let me tell you a little bit more about our house as a lull you to sleep. I kid, I kid. I'll stop. But seriously. I can't wait for that place to be done. I literally can't. Literally. I think I'll just move in tonight with a tent and a sleeping bag. (Can we talk about literally for a second. There are so many people out there that literally do not know how to use that word. It literally makes me sad and embarrassed for our society. And it literally makes me want to jump off a bridge... Gotcha.)
Jason and I are lucky enough to be serving in Nursery at church. This means, for two hours, we watch a bunch of 18-month to 3-year-olds so their parents can enjoy Sunday School. It also means lots of puzzles and books and blocks and snacks and singing songs. It was the first time for one of the little girls and it can be traumatic to have your mom drop you off in a room full of fun kids and fun toys. She decided to cry and cry and did not want to be held or consoled. Finally she got tired of crying and took a little rest next to the door. One of the older boys laid down to comfort her. And another little boy wanted to know what the fuss was about. And then my heart melted into a puddle.


  1. That is adorable! I serve in the primary and I LOVE watching the kids!

  2. I literally get annoyed every time that someone misuses the word "literally". Which, as you know, is a lot.

    Also, do you say it "lit-er-a-lee" or "litruh-lee" Chris Traeger style?

  3. Almost always they mean 'PHYSICALLY'!! And yes, I believe I'd prefer to be part of the evening crowd at Red Rocks, crab crawl down flights of stairs sounds like the absolutely craziest.