My father, the author

When I think about who my father is to me, the first word that comes to mind is "teacher." A good teacher teaches in a variety of ways. He taught me through example, through stories, through direct and sound advice, and my favorite, through wise and well-said words. I love truth that is beautifully spoken. A string of words that is put together thoughtfully, and clearly, and rings true the moment you hear them. My father is an expert at this. Which is why I am able to recall word for word, many things he said to me in my youth.
My father taught me to be kind and loving, he taught me to be open-minded and search for answers, he taught me to love education and knowledge, he taught me to love and trust the Lord, he taught me logic, math, and science, he along with my mother taught me an appreciation of the arts and to find beauty in my surroundings.

I recently finished a book that this great man wrote. The Middle of Infinity chronicles the story of my dad's illness from his unique perspective as a surgeon. He is so open and honest about his journey and shares the incredible miracles we experienced as a family.

It is available on Amazon in print or for your Kindle, and I highly recommend that you check it out.

(Also, can we talk about how cute my mom is?!)

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