..you should be listening to. ..to which you should be listening.

Down The Road by C2C on Grooveshark
Pompeii by Bastille on Grooveshark
Tiptoe by Imagine Dragons on Grooveshark
Believer by American Authors on Grooveshark

Well, I certainly have a style right now. Where are all my ladies?!

And now for a super blurry picture from the Phillip Phillips concert Jason and I went to last week, compliments of a cute 60 year old lady in the crowd. There were quite a lot of mature attendees at that thing (the American Idol crowd).. and quite a lot of pot smoker attendees (the Colorado crowd). Wonder if they were one and the same. Crazy old people.
Two weeks ago Jason turned to me one night and said he had a new resolution. I'm all about mid-year resolutions because January resolutions are boring. They are all about fixing something that's wrong with yourself. But mid-year resolutions, those are all about having a more fun life. Jason resolved to go to more concerts. And a week later, a Groupon showed up for $16 tickets to a Phillip Phillips concert... Clearly, it was a sign.


  1. I looooooove Phillip Phillips...and this photo of the two of you is so sweet.

    Hope you had an amazing time...and congratulations on your wonderful news also!!! x