Little Facts

I have never cheered for a team that had red in its colors. My high schools were green and gold, and then blue and silver. BYU is blue (and our rivals were red). And none of the Colorado sports teams feature red. We've got blue and orange (Broncos), purple and grey (Rockies), and blue and yellow (Nuggets). (Yeah, yeah, we've got hockey and soccer too, but I don't cheer for them.) Which is actually great for me because boy do I look terrible in red.

I can't whistle. Believe me, my brothers tried to teach me. They were much more successful at teaching me to burp. However, I am an excellent snapper. I snap four different fingers extremely loudly, and I am extremely proud of this fact.

My poor puppy is so sick. So basically there is no more happiness in the world. I have to confess that I did not love our family dog nearly as much as I love this little dog of mine. And I never really understood why people would cry when their dog died. But now I get it. He is breaking my heart!

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