The whole Hammond crew headed out to Arkansas to celebrate the 4th. One of my brothers-in-law moved there this year to work at the Walmart headquarters.. Because why else would anyone move to Bentonville, Arkansas? 24 people in one house sure makes for a rockin party.... And long lines for the bathroom.
Here's how it all went down.

The 4th
The Hammond cousins put on a little program for us on the morning of the 4th. It included a parade, and some flag waving, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and getting all of the adults to stand with them and sing the National Anthem. And if that is not the most patriotic way to start the day, I'm not sure what is.
That morning we hiked to a waterfall where 9 out of 10 of the kids fell or willing lunged into the water.
And then we went to the Walton's Five and Dime. Next door, there was a little museum about the beginnings of Walmart. I'm sure no one out there really truly loves Walmart like one loves Apple, or Target, or Dr Pepper. But it's cheap. And it's pretty cool what Sam Walton created and how humble he stayed.

Then we hit the pool before dinner and that night we went to the Bentonville fireworks, which were awesome. Mostly because they picked the best songs ever.

The 5th
On the 5th we went on a river float. Though the river was sloooooow. So it was more like a river-paddle-with-your-arms-until-they-fall-off. Also, as it turns out, Arkansas is beautiful. Who knew? Can you see that extra pair of sunglasses on my head? Jason decided to go sans tube or raft and spent most of the day swimming down the river. And rolling over the rocks in the shallow parts because he refused to stand up and walk. 
The Hammond girls needed a picture. And of course the ideal time to take one was on a smoke-filled street at night after shooting off fireworks. I know it's hard for you to see so I'll just tell you. We looked good. 
We were also the cheapos who loaded up on fireworks on the 5th when they were all 75% off. Always keeping it classy.

The Hammond men hate games unless they are ones they invented themselves, like "Who can stand on top of the inner-tube the longest," or "Who can kick this ball the farthest distance." They scoff when the girls suggest playing a game and yet some how... they always end up getting into it.

The 6th
That morning was my nephew's baptism. He was adorable. I always get so weepy at those things. I can only imagine what I'll be like with my own children.
That afternoon, I finally got a chance to really put my new clubs to use and I wasn't terrible. So now I'm already itching to go back. Expensive habit, here I come!

The 7th
In an incredibly convenient turn of events, the bullmastiff breeder we had decided upon ended up being 30 minutes south of where we were staying. And the litter we wanted happened to be ready to be picked up that week. So on the 7th, before we drove home to CO, we swung down to the breeder to pick up the little guy. And that is how this quickly became the best 4th ever!

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