Don't bang you head on the desk

Recently, I've had a quite a few days I have wanted to introduce my head to the desk via banging. I've heard it's a fairly effective way of making a good first impression. 
See that pie chart above? See that large portion? I would say 90% of that 50% is devoted to 2% of my clients. They strongly induce head-banging urges.
See that littlest portion? That is what I went to school for and intended to do as my career. That section is probably a little generous but I got lazy because.. see that medium section? Well, I just wing that stuff. Because I don't really know what I'm doing. So I fake it till I make i..... something that is passable.

I used to have an Open-In-Case-Of-Emergency Drawer. Emergency in this situation meaning, "Okay, I was joking before but now I'm really going to bang my head against the desk." That drawer had incredible cures such as Double Stuff Oreos, Dark Chocolate Cadbury Eggs, Reeses Minis, Popcorn Indiana Kettle Corn. In a crazy bold move, I cleared that drawer out.

This was dumb.

Now I only have one solution. Close the door, turn up the music, lip-sync the greatest performance you ever not seen. But I'm a fickle girl. I collect songs like I collect muddy buddy recipes. That is actually a terrible metaphor. I curate lists of songs and then listen to them. I pin every variation of muddy buddies I see and I continue to only make the one and only original.

Though, this one has piqued my interest.

I mean, who can say no to an Australian Ska band. Who!? Don't let it be you, just to be sassy. Be sassy and say yes to this song.


  1. Ah yes - I am having that sort of work life (I mean week) too... My co-worker found me the most amazing small rubber chicken stress ball that we take turns passing around to the most stressed-out admin... :)

  2. I'm glad you found me so that I could find you. I've gone through a few of your past posts and can't wait to get the chance to read more.

  3. Muddy Buddies are a great way to de stress :) Hope you have a great weekend!!

    xoxo Jamie

  4. You are hilarious! Happy Mother's day!


  5. great post!let’s follow each other on gfc&bloglovin?
    flw me and tell where u’ve followed me!

  6. I love reading your posts, they brighten my day every time!