Diva Demands

Have you ever heard about those celebrities that make ridiculous requests? Like, they must have orchids in their dressing room, or there can be no brown M&M's in their bowl of candy, or no one can look them in the eye before the show. Psh.. that's child's play.
I've decided that if I ever became famous enough to make preposterous demands, I would insist that my dressing room have a bowl full of popcorn; HOWEVER, all of the kernal slivers must be removed from the popcorn. How obnoxiously glorious is that? You can just see those poor little assistants sitting there in gloves with tweezers in their hands, working away. What a miserable, time consuming task.  Especially since I don't really like popcorn. I mean, diva status right there. But, if the urge for popcorn ever did strike, you would never have to worry about getting one of those awful kernel slivers in your gums. So that completely justifies the abhorrent behavior. Popcorn would be so much better without those deathly kernel remnants. Why haven't they invented that already? Like seedless watermelon. Watermelon seeds are harmless in comparison. I wonder if that was inspired by a diva demand?

So, what would your demand be?


  1. Hahaha, this is really funny! I've never thought about that before, now I'm going to have to decide what my demand would be! :P

  2. ha!! Those popcorn slivers are really annoying so that would be a great "diva" demand!

  3. haha oh my gosh that's hilarious!

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  5. Lol - think I'd settle for a live-in chef in my dressing room.. someone to make me delicious meals would be lovely!

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  6. LOL... this is such a random post. I love it. I hate popcorn because those slivers always get stuck in my teeth. It is so hard to get them out :(

    Xo Lourdes

  7. That was totally diva-lish. I don't think I can top that...but would like that too. LOL
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  9. I would request a Diet Coke Fountain Drink machine with pellet ice in my dressing room, but it wouldn't just be any fountain drink machine. It would be the same one with the same delicious formula they use at Chick-Fil-A, with the same styro-foam cups. Yes, a Chick-Fil-A Diet Coke Fountain Drink machine would be my request.

    PS You are adorable and I love following your blog! You should check out my friend Katie's blog! She has a very similar sense of humor and her posts remind me a lot of yours. http://www.kateexpectations.com/2013/03/steven-tyler-act.html

  10. Hahahaha this is amazing! I would love to use this as a post! Of course I would mention you! Let me know if you're ok with that :)

  11. No bald, slimy grapes in my cans of fruit cocktail

  12. That would be my request too! Those are the worst.

  13. So pretty!

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