The headache drove me to rhyming madness

She read too much too quickly.
They told her she should stop.
For if she kept on going
Her eyes would likely pop.

The slow and steady pounding
Came rumbling through her mind.
She turned the very last page
And knew that it was time.

For if she kept on reading
She'd go through them too quick,
And wouldn't have those stories
Left for her Spanish trip.

To real life, I now return
So the migraine will go away.
But don't hold your breath or wait for long.
I don't intend to stay.

You guys. My head hurts. Luckily, I'm 10th on the wait list for my next book. So it looks like I'll be forced to take a little breather. Now, I'll have to figure out what to do with myself in the evenings. Like workout. Or bake. Maybe both so they cancel each other out. 


Who Is to Blame?

In the movie theater, my dad leaned over half an hour into Sixth Sense and whispered to my mom, "He's dead." Movie ruined or intellect validated?

So, now I can blame my bad habits on my dad. And on Encyclopedia Brown. I devoured these books as a kid. They were a series of short stories with subtle clues in each. The intention was that the reader would solve the mystery. Well, this developed a terrible need to figure out the ending of every story as quickly as possible. I've ruined movies for Jason more than once. But how else can I prove how quickly I figured out the end result if I don't have him to give an accurate time stamp? I also do this with books. Though the only person who suffers from the quick deductive reasoning is me. I'll read and read and read and finally get to a good twist and find myself disappointed because I guessed right. Is it too late to change professions? I think I'll become a private eye. Except I'll dress less like Emerson Cod and more like Charlotte Charles.

... I miss that show. They always had good twists. And the occasional song. You can never go wrong with an outburst of singing.


Little Facts and Insta Grams

Whenever I see the letters W-T-F written somewhere, in my head I read it as wuh-tiffff.. And I just want to say "What if what?? Tell me! What if whaaat?"

You know that feeling when you have something stuck under your fingernail? Well I have had that all day. And I checked. THERE IS NOTHING THERE. And yet the feeling persists. It may or may not being driving this person (meaning me) insane (meaning MUCHO LOCO)!

I officially found the best person in the world to ask for book recommendations. I was at the library last week and the book I had gone for wasn't there. So I texted Erica and asked her for some ideas. She sent me back a laundry list of the most gloriously nerdy books ever. I'm on her fourth recommendation right now and I haven't come up for air.

Speaking of good books, when I'm reading one, nothing else matters. Food, sleep, NBA playoff games.   I become really rude because people will ask me questions and I won't respond. So if you've ever tried to speak to me while I'm reading, I apologize, but just don't let it happen again.


A Little Bragging is in Order

I mentioned last week that we bought a house. A month ago, we weren't even sure if we would be staying in Denver. But that all changed when Jason was offered an incredible job right here in his home state. And because he smashed his interview and aptitude test out of the ballpark, they asked him to start early even though he's still in school (though the end is really, truly in sight and I could not be happier about that). So here's to you Jason, in all of your business casual glory. Lookin mighty fine if I do say so myself. Sorry I went all first-day-of-school-pics on you. Maybe we'll take another in a year and see how you've grown.



Flowers Dress Walk SkyGrass

Sunday was one of those perfect Sundays. Where church is amazing, the weather is gorgeous, dinner is one of your favorites, and you get to talk to your mom about all of your interior design ideas for your new house. Also, a new dress with pockets.. that never hurt anybody either.
Unfortunately, those poor daffodil's didn't fair as well. A mix of early spring weather and then late winter weather played nasty tricks on those guys. Also, after we got up from our resting spot, Jason told me we were sitting on goose poop. So really, I guess it could have been a little more perfect.
And lastly, if there were a couple that needed a dog as badly as us.. well, I'll just stop right there because they don't exist. We go on a walk a day. Sometimes two. And sometimes Jason goes on a walk by himself when it's too cold outside and just the thought of it makes my ears hurt. A dog by our sides would definitely makes us look less crazy. And generally be more fun all around. Any bullmastiff breeder out there want to send a pup to a very loving family of two?

//Thanks to eShakti for the pocketed dress! I ordered a dress from eShakti a few years ago. It was perfection. Blush and cream and beautifully feminine. And I used their awesome customized feature to add sleeves. BUT, the cream buttons didn't match the white trim, the sleeves were too tight and then the zipper broke. So I swore them off. But when eSkakti contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a dress, I figured it was high time to give one of those dresses another try. And I must say I've been happily surprised. The fabric is soft, the sleeves are comfy and I can slip this one over my head. No zipping necessary ;)   Plus, the ability to add sleeves and length to a dress, skirt, or top is too good to ignore. I'm back in eShakti. I'm back in.


I'm not sure how this happened...

We bought a big ole pile of dirt this weekend. Well, dirt and rocks. You know, because we are such big fans of waiting. Waiting is our thing. So now we get to wait 6 months (give or take a few.. most likely give) before we get to move into our house. House? Am I old enough to buy a house? I keep telling myself no. So I keep looking back at these pictures from the weekend to remind myself that, yes, we really did that.

Elation would be an understatement.

Don't follow me on Pinterest if you don't want to see thousands of home decor pictures. It's going to be a long 6 months.


I got nothing

Me: What should I blog about today?
Jason: Have I said anything funny lately?
Me: No.
Jason: Well you don't have to say it so definitively.


Diva Demands

Have you ever heard about those celebrities that make ridiculous requests? Like, they must have orchids in their dressing room, or there can be no brown M&M's in their bowl of candy, or no one can look them in the eye before the show. Psh.. that's child's play.
I've decided that if I ever became famous enough to make preposterous demands, I would insist that my dressing room have a bowl full of popcorn; HOWEVER, all of the kernal slivers must be removed from the popcorn. How obnoxiously glorious is that? You can just see those poor little assistants sitting there in gloves with tweezers in their hands, working away. What a miserable, time consuming task.  Especially since I don't really like popcorn. I mean, diva status right there. But, if the urge for popcorn ever did strike, you would never have to worry about getting one of those awful kernel slivers in your gums. So that completely justifies the abhorrent behavior. Popcorn would be so much better without those deathly kernel remnants. Why haven't they invented that already? Like seedless watermelon. Watermelon seeds are harmless in comparison. I wonder if that was inspired by a diva demand?

So, what would your demand be?



//Are you overwhelmed by my craftiness?

//Spain in 8 weeks. Gotta get ready with my fav, Tracy Anderson.

//What a difference a day makes. Sunshine and windows down to a 10 degree blizzard. Every year, we get hit with some snow in April or May. And every year, we complain that it is snowing in April and May. Unlearnable, I tell you.

Hero by Family Of The Year on Grooveshark

//More music. More joy. Do yourself a favor and listen to this one. I promise it's good.


Jack Attack

Can you imagine how fast he'd be if he used his left arm too?

I have 10 nieces and nephews. And I love them all like crazy. While it's been hard this past year trying to get pregnant, it's been even harder since the miscarriage. There are times when I think "I really really don't want to be around kids right now. It just reminds me of what I don't have." But then I see those precious little faces and hear those adorable little voices and I just can't resist. This weekend, before dinner, Jack was saying the blessing before we ate. And in his cute little boy voice he said, "And please bless Aunt Rebecca, because of her baby." 

Oh man, talk about pulling on your heartstrings.


Conference Weekend

LDS General Conference was this weekend. Naps are a common occurrence  But if you pay attention, you might hear some really great things.

"God will open doors, remove obstacles, and perform miracles."
"Trials do not happen to break our spirit; they will help design who we are meant to be."
"The Savior will draw close to you as you serve others."
"Marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of our marriage is a gift from us to Him."
"Righteous living will be rewarded with personal peace."

Monday, here I come.


Happy Weekend!

This is awkward you guys.. but just like that, you're out and these guys are in.

Really, it's not so much guys, it's more guy. I had three new ones in the rotation, but really it ended up like this:

1. Listen to the first song that I cannot in good conscience put on here because he says the words "porn star" in it, and I'm not quite sure there is a good message in there. I wouldn't really know because I can't interpret the lyrics. But I do know that yes, my prude is showing.

2. Listen to the second song, which is good. And clean. But not as good if you listen to it after the best song. So basically, listen to this one first, or it's worthless.

Next To Me by Emeli Sandé on Grooveshark

3. Listen to THE song. Decide you don't want to loop back to number one. Listen to this song 10 more times before you start worrying that your co-workers might think you've lost your mind. Take a 30 minute break and begin again.

Come Along by Vicci Martinez f./Cee Lo Green on Grooveshark


Now all I need is a house

Teapots Sewingtable
Shabbychic BEAR
Chair Fullattic
Beebench vintagelocker

I think I may have found the greatest collection of shops yesterday. I guess a bunch of antique and boutique shops got together and decided to all inhabit the space inside two massive buildings right next to each other. There are over 50 shops between the two of them. You would need hours and hours to really be able to go through everything. 
Curiosity got the best of me as I was driving through downtown Castle Rock the other day. And then I was struck with sensory overload and decided I needed everything from an old sewing machine table to a bee bench to those vintage blue lockers. I sent Jason a picture of the bear and he promptly decided that we needed it in our future entryway. 

Anyone want to come out to Colorado and go shopping with me?


Button Swap

I thought it would be fun to do a little monthly button swap. Interested in swapping? 
Email me at rwarmail@gmail.com

UPDATE: Oh man, thanks for the awesome response. The April spots are full but you can still email and reserve a spot in May!


Wrong Number

The other night my mother-in-law got a text from a number she didn't recognize. While she was busy guffawing, Jason and I handled the response.

Wrong number

Let this be a lesson to all... Double check the number forever and always! I do this often seeing as my husband and my boss have have the same first initial. My greatest fear is that one day, I'll forget to double check...

P.S. We never did hear back from my mother-in-law's secret admirer. What a shame.


Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend brought us perfect weather, delicious food, 
the cutest bunny, and all around family fun.

Please tell me you had perfect weather as well and that winter is finally behind us.