Thursday Thunes

What? I just really like alliterations. 

I'm a binge music listener. Every few weeks I unintentionally come across a couple songs that make my heart dance. They find there way to me right as I am starting to tire of the last couple songs I have been listening to non-stop for the last 3 weeks. A random one by someone I would never ever think to listen to always makes it in there. I mean... Rihanna? Really? But yes. So good.


These play on loop all day long, whether out of my speakers or in my head. And next month, it will be three different ones.

Happy listening!


  1. i definitely listen to a song over and over again!

  2. Hi! I listen to Pandora everyday while doing stuff in the kitchen and just like you, there are some bands/singers that I would have never thought I'd be enjoying their music. I don't know if I've heard Rihanna's song but now that you said it, I'm gonna be waiting for it in the radio. :D I followed you on GFC and Bloglovin btw.


  3. i'm the same... i fall hard for a song or artist and its on repeat HARD! then, after a week or two, i find something else and do the same. stay is on my list currently, too. its a good one!

  4. Nice songs. I really like Little Numbers

  5. Your blog is so cute! I found you because you were following mine! I don'tk now how I missed that... I live in CO too!

    Your email button wont work for ME for some reason (it's my computer, so no worries) but do you do button swapping? I think we totally should! Go ahead and email me back, contact info is on my blog. No hard feelings if not :)



  6. This is a great blog. I'm your latest follower. I found you from the My Turn (for us) blog hop.

    Missy Inspired