The Glamorous Married Life AKA Prepare to be bored

While making the dough for our pizza last night, I realized we were all out of mozzarella. So while that was rising, Jason and I ran off to the store to get some essentials. Mozzarella, Cherry Coke Zero, and Butterfinger Bites. On our way home, Jason remembered that we needed ranch dressing. (I canNOT eat pizza without ranch. It probably stems from my high school job days. I worked at the best pizza place with the best homemade ranch. It involved a lot of buttermilk.) So we stopped at a gas station on the way home to buy the tiniest, most overpriced bottle of Hidden Valley.
After dinner we had two piles to attack. One was made up of dishes and sitting in the kitchen. The other was made up of clean clothes and sitting on our bed. I decided to make the most of that situation and told Jason I'd go fold the laundry while he cleaned the kitchen. And because competition makes everything better, I said we should race. He willingly agreed. "Sucker," I thought. But when I stood at a vantage point providing a view of both piles, I used my best deduction abilities and came to the conclusion that his job was actually way easier. "Crap, I'm the sucker," I thought. My biggest mistake here was that I failed to offer an incentive. And with a clear view of the tv from the kitchen, Jason got sucked in by the Discovery channel. And I won. And he didn't care. Next time I'll add in some really good prizes for the winner. Buffalo wings for Jason and buffalo chips for me.
Now as I type this, listening to this song on repeat (4 times and going strong ((yes, it's P!nk (((do I really have to put the !? ((((How many times can I digress within one thought? Let's work our way back out.))) ))) I'm not a huge fan of her, but this song is amazing)) )  ...Did you follow that? It made sense in my head. I think I just left the end of that sentence hanging. Let's begin again.
Now as I type this, listening to this song on repeat, Jason is playing majong on his phone. Don't get him talking about it or he'll start bragging about his high score. Goodness, our married life is dull. Cue cheesy closing line: I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. i was all about no soda/caffeine and then my company got cherry coke zero. it's too good for me to say no to!

  2. Cherry Coke Zero is my favorite. My husband wants to cut soda, and that is a fabulous healthy idea, but I still may need that occasional treat.

  3. I think the boring, mundane stuff with your partner can be great :) It's nice to know that you can get along and enjoy each other even when things aren't exciting. I don't know about cherry coke zero, but just plain cherry coke is yums :) I would count that as an essential.

  4. Cue cheesy comment: I really enjoyed this blog post! My husband and I have an equally exciting marriage.

    Cheesy comment continued: I think you are on to something with the racing. I imagine my marriage would be spiced up even more if we started competing in our (least favorite) chores.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

  5. Lol! Mine is dull too and I like it just like that. We just have the added excitement of taking care of two very adorable little boys so we get lots of excitement around our house.

  6. Haha! This made me chuckle :) Not dull at all, those little moments of normalcy, chaos and comfort are what relationships great! Okay...welll, not the only reasons, by far--but hey, they still count!


  7. Haha. The little challenges and games we play with eachother making living together much more fun. :)

  8. sounds about as excited as our married life! honestly though, if we can find pleasure out of the small boring things in marriage, i think it's an excellent sign!

  9. hah that is kind of amazing actually. i feel like thats how the boyfriend and i might be if when we get married (whenever that may be)

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    Hubby and I have been married almost 11 years and those mundane boring tasks that we do together are some of my fave times with him. ;)


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  12. I need to make my own pizza. It's on my to-do list and I've never gotten around to it! I bet it's delicious!

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