Steamy Springs

//Road trip essentials
//The super sketch house where we got our massages
//A gondola ride up the mountain
//Ready for spelunking
//Heading to the hot springs
//Steamy people and massive pools

On Friday, Jason and I decided to take a very spontaneous and very needed trip up to the mountains. We quickly booked a hotel and scheduled some massages up in Glenwood Springs, home of the Glenwood Hot Springs pools. The hot spring itself will kill you I guess. They cool the water in the large pool to 90 degrees and the "small" pool [pictured] to a cool 104 degrees. It has been decided that we should really try to keep up the travel-on-Jason's-birthday-tradition.
For Jason's birthday dinner, we found our way to Rivers Restaurant, which is apparently where the locals go. The locals also happen to be at least 70 or older because we were the youngest there by about 40 years. Even with Jason just adding an extra year to his life. 

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  1. How much I would enjoy a bath in a steamy pool. However I couldn't bear the contrast with the snow :-)
    Stop by whenever you like and share some love!
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  2. we have talked about going there for ever but haven't yet! Looks so relaxing!

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    Natasha @ www.serenityyou.com

  4. you two are super cute! glad you had a good weekend.

  5. I LOVE hotsprings so much. This looks great! It's the one area of my life where I'm kind of adventurous. :)

  6. sounds, and looks, like a great weekend.

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  8. Oh oh!! I LOVE Glenwood Springs!! Grew up visiting Colorado twice a year, and we went to Glenwood Springs a few times :) The caverns are pretty amazing too.. and I recall taking an old steam train around there but I'm not for sure. So fun!!