House hopping

Jason and I took a break on Thursday to go out to dinner with family. Jason's brother Nick wanted to take us to D Bar. I've heard all about their desserts (I actually think it's part of their name?) and had no idea that they had food too. We walked in and Jason immediately thought, "I'm not cool enough for a place like this." Jason's parents were with us and we were seated at the bar and they immediately thought, "I'm not young enough for a place like this." It's one of those places where the servings are small and beautiful, but I wasn't terribly hungry and I don't eat for aesthetic purposes, so I thought I'd just order a little plate of fries. But no, a small plate I did not receive. Not even a large plate. I got a bigger-than-my-head bowl but really more like a trough.
Let's be honest. It was delicious. I love fries. I love fries with cheese. I love fries dipped in ranch. So a trough of fries covered in cheese, ranch, bacon, and chives pretty much gets the blue ribbon for "my favorite dish in the world." (Insert a lame statement like "Don't worry, I shared" here so you don't think I'm a total fatty.)
The food and desserts were beautiful and delicious enough to distract me from the fact that I should have been packing.
"Ugh, we have to pack." 
"Oh, these fries are so good." 
"Errrg, we have to pack." 
"Man, those homemade cinnamon donuts taste yummy in that caramel sauce." 
"Eeek, we have to pack." 
"I think that creme brule is what heaven tastes like."
Jason and I got home and headed up three flights of stairs to the apartment of doom. And then... we packed the greatest pack job we have ever packed. We got a knack for the pack. Okay, really our big secret was containers! What a novel idea to have enough boxes and tubs to fit all of your things.
On Friday afternoon, Jason picked up our U-haul and in rolled our big ole moving crew made up of brothers, and sister-in-law's fathers, and friends, and people from church. And up and down those stairs we went.
 We are officially moved in to our new temporary residence at Jason's parents house where there is food aplenty and nightly Hand & Food tournaments. It might not be so temporary after all.


  1. Ugh! Packing and moving is the worst! Hope you find a new landing spot soon :)

  2. Those fries look AMAZING! I'm drooling! Following you back from the GFC collective :)

  3. We are kindred spirits when it comes to fries! And those ones look absolutely yummy!

  4. I'll bet I'm cool enough to go there. Especially when I dance.

  5. Just found your blog through a blog hop and I'm following you now!

    Those fries really do look amazing! If anyone knows how much "fun" packing is, it's me! I've moved 5 times in the past year, just on my own. At least it sounds like you've got a good temporary place to stay!


  6. we're temporarily staying with chase's parents too! free rent and food ftw.