Thursday Thunes

What? I just really like alliterations. 

I'm a binge music listener. Every few weeks I unintentionally come across a couple songs that make my heart dance. They find there way to me right as I am starting to tire of the last couple songs I have been listening to non-stop for the last 3 weeks. A random one by someone I would never ever think to listen to always makes it in there. I mean... Rihanna? Really? But yes. So good.


These play on loop all day long, whether out of my speakers or in my head. And next month, it will be three different ones.

Happy listening!


The Dressing Room

Yesterday morning I had a doctor's appointment, so I was a bit late in to work. We were having a shoot in our office. This is rare. Normally we shoot on location or in a studio, but for this particular shoot, our office was perfect.
I walked down the hall, climbing in and out and around lights and c-stands and wires and headed for my office. I said hi to the crew and turned into my already open office door.
And there behind my desk stood a shirtless man in the process of changing. Quickly, I backed right out of there. "Oh sorry," I kind of mumbled. Clearly, the talent was using my office as their dressing room between scenes. Our director must have heard my voice and knew that I arrived.
He called out from around the corner, "Hey Rebecca, don't go in your office. There is a man changing in there."
"Too late," I called back.
Amidst the laughter from the crew, my boss called out to the shirtless man, "Well I guess you guys should be formally introduced. Andy, meet Rebecca."

And that is how I ended up with my very own The Office experience.


Thanks for all of the love today you guys. Things like this would be so much harder without such amazing family and friends. I love you all.

A Wretched Life

My life is not wretched. I keep reminding myself of that. Though I have had some moments when I really felt it.

March kicked off with the greatest scene ever. A little tiny heartbeat fluttering on the screen. And then March came to a crashing halt last week when that screen showed nothing. Nothing but what wasn't to be.

My life is wretched. I've never been foolish enough to think that life is fair, but I was foolish enough to think that I'd paid enough dues recently. And that I was off the hook for awhile.

But I look at Jason, and we talk about all the hopefulness of a bright future. Of really great things that are happening for him and for us, and my life is not wretched.

And in quiet moments, when the anxiousness and impatience that come from that strong, deep burn, and from that unshakable longing to be a mother, I feel both. My life is wretched. And yet it is not. That day will come. I know it. There is not one single doubt. For that, I am grateful.

Optimism woven with sadness. Yes, an unusual marriage, but not an uncommon one.

Because when you add it all up, no, my life is not wretched. My life is joy.


Steamy Springs

//Road trip essentials
//The super sketch house where we got our massages
//A gondola ride up the mountain
//Ready for spelunking
//Heading to the hot springs
//Steamy people and massive pools

On Friday, Jason and I decided to take a very spontaneous and very needed trip up to the mountains. We quickly booked a hotel and scheduled some massages up in Glenwood Springs, home of the Glenwood Hot Springs pools. The hot spring itself will kill you I guess. They cool the water in the large pool to 90 degrees and the "small" pool [pictured] to a cool 104 degrees. It has been decided that we should really try to keep up the travel-on-Jason's-birthday-tradition.
For Jason's birthday dinner, we found our way to Rivers Restaurant, which is apparently where the locals go. The locals also happen to be at least 70 or older because we were the youngest there by about 40 years. Even with Jason just adding an extra year to his life. 

**Firmoo.com kindly sent me a pair of sunglasses, which have officially been dubbed my travel glasses. I don't know about you but my "designer" sunglasses are crazy uncomfortable, though glamorous they may be. These Firmoo glasses may only get a 6 on the fashionista scale but they get a 10 on the comfortista scale. Which makes them a winner in my book. Need a pair of glasses? Get your first pair free from Firmoo here!


One year ago today

For the rest of our lives on Jason's birthday, we are going to mourn the fact that we are not in New York. Last year in March, we went to my favorite city in the world with our friends Chris and Ashley. And because I wasn't blogging at the time, I decided it needed to be properly documented.

Chris and Ash, I know you have a two-month-old and all, but I think it's time to go back. Jackson will love New York.


BTIL says the darndest things

Carrying our large mirror out of our apartment during our move
Me: Watch where you are going!
Jason: I am. I'm watching me while I'm going.... I'm a good looking guy, aren't I?
Jason: You don't want to beat that horse dead before it's hatched.
Me: My boots match my bag perfectly.
Jason: Yeah, it's like they used the exact same cow.


House hopping

Jason and I took a break on Thursday to go out to dinner with family. Jason's brother Nick wanted to take us to D Bar. I've heard all about their desserts (I actually think it's part of their name?) and had no idea that they had food too. We walked in and Jason immediately thought, "I'm not cool enough for a place like this." Jason's parents were with us and we were seated at the bar and they immediately thought, "I'm not young enough for a place like this." It's one of those places where the servings are small and beautiful, but I wasn't terribly hungry and I don't eat for aesthetic purposes, so I thought I'd just order a little plate of fries. But no, a small plate I did not receive. Not even a large plate. I got a bigger-than-my-head bowl but really more like a trough.
Let's be honest. It was delicious. I love fries. I love fries with cheese. I love fries dipped in ranch. So a trough of fries covered in cheese, ranch, bacon, and chives pretty much gets the blue ribbon for "my favorite dish in the world." (Insert a lame statement like "Don't worry, I shared" here so you don't think I'm a total fatty.)
The food and desserts were beautiful and delicious enough to distract me from the fact that I should have been packing.
"Ugh, we have to pack." 
"Oh, these fries are so good." 
"Errrg, we have to pack." 
"Man, those homemade cinnamon donuts taste yummy in that caramel sauce." 
"Eeek, we have to pack." 
"I think that creme brule is what heaven tastes like."
Jason and I got home and headed up three flights of stairs to the apartment of doom. And then... we packed the greatest pack job we have ever packed. We got a knack for the pack. Okay, really our big secret was containers! What a novel idea to have enough boxes and tubs to fit all of your things.
On Friday afternoon, Jason picked up our U-haul and in rolled our big ole moving crew made up of brothers, and sister-in-law's fathers, and friends, and people from church. And up and down those stairs we went.
 We are officially moved in to our new temporary residence at Jason's parents house where there is food aplenty and nightly Hand & Food tournaments. It might not be so temporary after all.



Who does Google think they are? Still trying to force us into Google Plus or something. What with the impending death of Google Reader you can now follow my blog with Bloglovin.

Any other good readers out there you like?


The universal worst thing in the world... or universe

Guess what I'm doing this week.
Starts with a P. Rhymes with smacking.
See you on the other side.


Five Things

Tagged by Erica and then Chalayn. So here goes.

1// I grew up playing a lot of sports. Basketball, field hockey, and lacrosse. When my family moved from Connecticut to California, that all came to a crashing halt. Well.. field hockey and lacrosse came to a halt because the west coast lacked these east coast sports at the time. Basketball came to halt because I'm 5'4. Clearly my young dreams of playing in the WNBA weren't meant to be. So I took up dancing more for physical activity.

2// I think the bra was created by someone who wanted to suppress my people. And by suppress, I mean support. And by my people, I mean women. But seriously, bras are the worst. I hate them and try to wear them as little as possible. (Basically all of my late night runs to the grocery store are free and easy.)

3// I have a super sniffer. (Any Psych fans out there?) Nothing gets passed my nose, ever. It's a real shame that this heightened sense is pretty useless.

4// I'm a quarter Mexican. And three-quarters Danish. So I think it cancels that out. There is nothing about me that would give you a hint to my mexican-ness except for my super awesome accent. My freshman year of high school, I won first place in a statewide Spanish Poem Recitation competition. Word.

5// I grew up in a very musical family. We were basically the Von Trapps.  I sing. And play the piano. For our wedding, I wrote Jason a song and played it at our reception. Tender! I already have a very specific shopping list for when we finally buy a house. First, a dog. And second, a piano. A kitchen table isn't very high on the list of priorities.

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Three is a crowd

It was a perfect storm. I’m not quite sure how it came about. Jason went to the Denver Nuggets game on Saturday with a friend. So I had a girls night… party of one. In between watching episodes of Pretty Little Liars (I’m weirdly addicted to that show), I made myself a cake. Not to eat of course. Just to make. Do you ever bake things just to bake them? It's one of my favorite activities.

I couldn’t just leave that bare little cake sitting there. It looked so naked and sad. So on Sunday, I made some of Dad’s best frosting. After dinner, I treated myself to a little piece. Really, the cake is just a carrier for the frosting. Even a graham cracker will do. Naturally, it was delicious.

Then, we headed over to a friend’s house for a birthday celebration where I was met by a homemade chocolate satin pie. It would have been rude of me to not eat a piece. I was only trying to be a gracious guest. Naturally, it was delicious.

Jason and I had a few things we needed to drop off at his parents’ house. So we called up his dad and told him we were going to stop by. My mother-in-law is out of town, so we laughed when my father-in-law said he was in the middle of making some fondue. Seeing as he had been home alone all week we thought it would be kind of us to sit down and join him for dessert. Have you ever turned down strawberries and chocolate? Neither have I. Naturally, it was delicious.

Three desserts. Cake. Pie. Fondue. One night. I have no regrets.


The Glamorous Married Life AKA Prepare to be bored

While making the dough for our pizza last night, I realized we were all out of mozzarella. So while that was rising, Jason and I ran off to the store to get some essentials. Mozzarella, Cherry Coke Zero, and Butterfinger Bites. On our way home, Jason remembered that we needed ranch dressing. (I canNOT eat pizza without ranch. It probably stems from my high school job days. I worked at the best pizza place with the best homemade ranch. It involved a lot of buttermilk.) So we stopped at a gas station on the way home to buy the tiniest, most overpriced bottle of Hidden Valley.
After dinner we had two piles to attack. One was made up of dishes and sitting in the kitchen. The other was made up of clean clothes and sitting on our bed. I decided to make the most of that situation and told Jason I'd go fold the laundry while he cleaned the kitchen. And because competition makes everything better, I said we should race. He willingly agreed. "Sucker," I thought. But when I stood at a vantage point providing a view of both piles, I used my best deduction abilities and came to the conclusion that his job was actually way easier. "Crap, I'm the sucker," I thought. My biggest mistake here was that I failed to offer an incentive. And with a clear view of the tv from the kitchen, Jason got sucked in by the Discovery channel. And I won. And he didn't care. Next time I'll add in some really good prizes for the winner. Buffalo wings for Jason and buffalo chips for me.
Now as I type this, listening to this song on repeat (4 times and going strong ((yes, it's P!nk (((do I really have to put the !? ((((How many times can I digress within one thought? Let's work our way back out.))) ))) I'm not a huge fan of her, but this song is amazing)) )  ...Did you follow that? It made sense in my head. I think I just left the end of that sentence hanging. Let's begin again.
Now as I type this, listening to this song on repeat, Jason is playing majong on his phone. Don't get him talking about it or he'll start bragging about his high score. Goodness, our married life is dull. Cue cheesy closing line: I wouldn't have it any other way.


Love/Hate Relationships

I've been meaning to do another one of these posts, but I could only come up with things I hate. What does that say about my character? I promise I'm generally an optimistic person. So I'm just going to wing the love section today.

1// My Capri Blue Volcano Candle. It moves with me throughout the house. The coffee table while watching shows, the night stand while laying in bed, the corner of the bathtub while enjoying a soak.
2// I guess that brings me to point number 2. Baths. Baths are great.. when the ultimate purpose is not to actually get clean. Baths are great went the purpose is to get warm. However, even though our bath is unusually large for an apartment, (As is our bathroom. I can literally do cartwheels in there. Literally. And I do not use that word unless it actually means literally.) it's still not quite big enough to actually keep one's entire self warm all at once. My dream house has a big bathtub and a fireplace. Those are my only two requirements. Apparently I'm a really cold person.
3// The fact that winter finally showed up in Colorado, and we've gotten quite a few snow storms in the last month. (We had some cold days but most of our winter was sunny and ventured up in to the 60s)

1// The fact that winter finally showed up in Colorado, and we've gotten quite a few snow storms in the last month. (Yeah yeah, the white was great and cozy. But now I'm ready for warm weather.)
2// Missed belt loops. Missed belt loops on me. Missed belt loops on you. Aren't they just the worst? Is it wrong of me to have a very strong desire to go and tell people when they've missed a belt loop? Do they even care?
3// The fact that I conduct insane amounts of electricity. I have shocked Jason so terribly when he's come to give me a kiss that we jumped back, grabbing our lips while wincing in pain. It has happened so frequently that I've taken to tapping his shoulder or cheek before we kiss to ensure that the lips do not suffer the brunt of the shock. Because shocked lips are the worst!


Chocolate Raisins & Veet

I'm too tired to even write anything right now. So how about we all just look at that cute baby for a second.
Between hanging out with cute Jason and hanging out with cute nieces and nephews it was all very exhausting. We took our traditional walk to go get ice cream with a grand total of 20 people. We are basically a high-schooler-working-at-an-ice-cream-shop-in-the-middle-of-the-winter's worst nightmare.
Then we got those sugar high kids to bed and sat around throwing chocolate covered raisins at each other. And Dave caught the first 3 straight raisins Jason threw. It was probably the highlight of the night. (Aside from Jeff reading these Veet for Men reviews out loud.) And of course I didn't catch any of them on camera.


Happy Monday!