We were already lucky enough to have a Cafe Rio up in Denver, but a brand new Cafe Rio just opened down the road. So naturally, we went out to dinner with our friends Chris and Ashley to celebrate its opening. They had just gone down to the Denver Cafe Rio 3 days ago, but they were more than ready to go again. There is no such thing as too much Cafe Rio. Though, I think my stomach would disagree. I opted for the pork burrito this time around. Which was a mistake. And I ate the whole thing. Which was also a mistake. But I have a feeling that 24 hours from now I will be ready for more. Though, I think I'll stick with the pork salad for awhile. (Let's be honest, the salad tortillas are so much better.)

I had every intention of documenting our delicious dinner. For posterity. That's why we take so many pictures of our food, right? So that 50 years from now our grandchildren will stare at pictures of slightly less processed foods than they will be eating. Unless the Zombie Apocalypse really does happen and they are living off the land and eating squash and pheasant. Then they'd be waaay healthier than us and we would go down in history for being the chunkiest chumps around. Can you tell I've been watching way too much Walking Dead lately? Where was I. Oh. Yes. Pictures of food...  I'd be willing to bet, if you opened up Instagram and searched #caferio, you'd be able to see a ton of pictures that would have been identical to mine. And if you are fortunate enough to live within a 50 mile radius of a Cafe Rio, you count your lucky stars and don't take it for granted. In fact, if a Zombie Apocalypse does happen, my first order of business would be to order a year supply of sweet pork barbacoa. Those homemade recipes are good, but you always get a hint of carbonation from the coke and that is just gross. Who wants to eat carbonated pork? No one. Bubbly pork is possibly the worst thing you could come up with. 

Moral of the story: Don't make homemade sweet pork, no matter how many times you've seen that recipe repinned on Pinterest.

Moral of the story #2: Don't eat the whole burrito. Cafe Rio is one of the few things that is just as delicious on day 2.

More of the story #3: Watch out for walkers. Those zombies may just try to steal your sweet pork. Maybe just keep a crossbow in your trunk just to be safe. 



I have a confession. I wear purple eyeliner. It’s quite the journey that brought me to where I am today. I am what they call a “lazy” person. I’d rather sleep longer or take a longer shower than devote much time to doing my hair and makeup.  I’ve never been much of a makeup wearer anyway, which is a shame because I hear it does wonders with making your face look good.

Most of my beauty habits have evolved from places of convenience. Like the lion hair I sported senior year of college. I convinced myself that messy frizz was in so I followed the very detailed instructions of showering at night, rising in the morning, spritzing with Fekkai Curl Spray and running out the door. I’ve also been known to use Bare Minerals religiously because I’m “allowed” to sleep in it. Washing your face is overrated.

Well on the occasion that I happened to get some eyeliner on my face, I noticed that the Stila liner I was using was causing some serious smearage on my lid. While rummaging through my unorganized makeup drawer, I came across a Tarte purple shadow stick I received in my stocking one year. It had remained unused because a) I don’t wear eye shadow and b) I definitely don’t wear purple eye shadow. I’m not really sure what urge came over me but I decided to use it as my eyeliner. It started small and light. You couldn’t tell it was even a color. But eventually Jason started calling it my “Rockies eyeliner” in honor of his favorite baseball team. If Jason can tell that it’s purple, everyone can tell that it’s purple. And now it’s almost gone. So… do I go buy myself more? Is purple eyeliner acceptable? Or does your vote lean towards slightly trashy?

>>I look extra liony next to my sister’s perfect curly hair.
>>You can’t even see the purple can you? That’s unfortunate.


The Joy of the Wait

I don’t know where I went pretty much all last week. I’d tell you that life has been really dull lately, but that wouldn’t be quite right. It hasn’t been busy either. There is just a lot of excitement and anticipation going on around here. Yet because nothing is set in stone, there’s just not much to say. Moves, jobs, houses, dogs. We’re excited. 2013 is going to be a good year. But now it’s time to wait. Except that I kind of hate waiting. Sometimes life just feels like a very long series of waiting for the next thing. So I guess we just have to get used to it.

The dangerous thing about waiting is that sometimes we can forget to enjoy the moment that we are in right now. You can get so caught up in what you are hoping and waiting for you forget to find the joy in the life you are living. Amazingly, that usually isn't the case for us. Jason and I often find ourselves reveling in how wonderful our life is. How rich. How fulfilling. How all around happy. Our life is amazing. And yet we have very little. It’s just me and him and our little apartment.

Good things are coming, but good things are also here right now. 



<< Chipotle date >>
<< Jason's amazing balancing act featuring my leg, 4 remotes (1 not seen), a coaster, an iPhone, Chinese Solitaire, and a book >>
<< A really great Nuggets basketball game >>
<< My new favorite color combo >>
<< A shattered glass bowl that ruined a perfectly good pot roast dinner >>
<< Thinking about saving this hardware from an eternity spent tucked away somewhere in Jason's parents' house >>
<< A whole lot of fire-starting and fire-putting-out-ing material for our latest shoot at work >>


You don't have to be lonely, with Farmers Only

So apparently this is a thing...

Jason and I saw this commercial during the All-Star basketball Dunk Contest last night. People actually paid money to air this spot on tv. So while I'd like to think this is a joke, I'm leaning towards real deal.


Valentine's Day

Clearly, we are the worst at this holiday. I gave Jason a really ugly pancake heart and he gave me a really not very pretty sign. BUT, I also got Jason this. And he got me this. So we aren't total failures. Plus, we have reservations at one of our favorite restaurants, Union. I've been staring at the menu all day. Gnocchi, thai flat bread, and caprese eggrolls, here I come. (And those are just the appetizers.) Time to go curl my hair!


The Needle Saga

Before I started the daily injection treatment, a nurse sat Jason and I down and walked us through how to mix and inject the drugs. As I am not particularly fond of needles, Jason was going to do that part. The nurse assured me that the needle was very small and couldn’t do any damage.

So on the first night, we got everything out and laid it on the counter. A few vials, a few alcohol swabs, the syringe, and the needle. We mixed the drugs, filled the syringe, and picked up the needle to place it on the syringe. I pulled off the cap to then rid the syringe of any excess air. The needle was MASSIVE! I looked at Jason in a state of panic. “It’s too big! Why is it so big? It’s not supposed to be that big.” Jason tried to remain calm and reassure me that we could do this. I was starting to think I wouldn’t be able to go through with this treatment. “Just put it in half way,” I said. “No, more like a quarter,” Jason laughed at me.

As my nervousness rose, I started to think there was too much air in the syringe so as I tried to get rid of it I was slowly but surely getting rid of the actual drug. In a moment of exasperation I decided we should just start all over and I dumped the drugs down the drain.

I went to recap the needle but noticed there was something in the way of the opening. I couldn’t get it out, so Jason took it and much to our surprise, unveiled the much smaller needle that my doctor’s office had given us. Turns out the syringes came with very large needles that needed to be switched out, but when we went to replace the needle after filling the syringe, we grabbed the original one rather than the small one.

We filled the new syringe, used the right needle, and it all went off without a hitch.

When we looked back and compared the two needles we had to laugh that we even for a second considered doing the injection with the first needle. It would have turned into a bloody mess. I still laugh every time I look at this ridiculous picture.

Let this be a lesson to all the doctors and nurses out there- maybe it’s best to give overly specific instructions. It’s okay, treat me as if I don’t know anything… because I probably don’t.


Nerd Alert

Do you ever stare at a glass from your parent's home and wonder how someone would perceive it who was looking at it for the first time?

Do you ever look at a pattern or image and instead of seeing the dominant part you bring the white space or background into focus as though that was the main image?

Do you ever close your eyes at night but then realize that your eyes are too focused and alert and it just hurts to have your eyelids cover them?

Do you ever wonder if we all really see different colors but no one knows it because we've all agreed that the shade of red is red even though my red is really your purple?

Yeah... me neither.


Quiet on set

Wednesday felt like Friday. Which is rather rude of Wednesday if you ask me. Because I should have been allowed to sleep in today, but instead I have two more whole days of work. I was at a studio all morning for our latest commercial shoot because we had a massive amount of green screen shots we needed. I also happened to wear my favorite green pants. This proved to be a wise decision because then I was camouflaged every time I snuck over to the craft services table. A blueberry muffin as large as my head! Don't mind if I do. Chocolate macadamia nut caramel clusters! I'll take two. Thank goodness no one ever looks twice at a floating torso.
We have another shoot today where we will be lighting things on fire. So that should keep things pretty entertaining. Thursday looks like it is shaping up to feel like Friday as well.

Three Fridays in one week. I guess that's not the worst thing in the world.


A Really Really Dumb Idea

When Jason and I moved into our apartment, we stole a bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider from his parent’s house to celebrate our new place. But in the chaos of moving in, a couple of weeks passed, and we still hadn’t opened it. We had been trying for a few months so we decided to just save it for when we got pregnant. Rookie mistake. 

A few more months went by, and I realized something was wrong. I had always been very irregular. And I recalled that when I was 14, a doctor mentioned that it was likely that I didn’t actually ovulate. I went in for some tests and was diagnosed with PCOS. This is pretty common, and I was assured that 1 to 3 months on some fertility drugs would address the issues. After a handful of cycles on Letrozole and Metformin, we switched to Clomid. And after a handful of cycles on that, it was obvious to my doctor that the drugs weren’t working. Nothing could get me to ovulate. He suggested that it would be best to abandon pills all together and move on to injections. And thus began my very serious relationship with needles. Needles in the morning. Needles at night. Needles in my stomach. Needles in my arms. Me and the needles, we became close. 

And all the while, every time I opened that refrigerator of mine I would see that dumb Martinelli’s bottle staring back at me. And so far, I have resisted the urge to just toss it in the trash. Throwing it away would be to admit defeat. And to give up hope. And I refuse to be bested by that bottle! Anyway, the point of all of this rambling is just to pass on a simple warning. If you are trying to get pregnant, or holding out hope for anything really, do not save inanimate objects to mark that occasion because it will basically ensure that whatever you are waiting for will never ever happen. Or it will simply taunt you until it does. And if you do happen to be as stupid or masochistic as I am, stay strong and hold your ground. And show that bottle or whateveritisyouarehangingonto who is boss. 

One of these days Martinelli’s, you’re going to get what’s coming.


Only the greatest idea ever

Do you know what would basically be the best thing in the world?

Real life Chutes and Ladders.

Weren't expecting that one, were ya? This was a super fun game as a child. Just imagine if you were actually climbing ladders and sliding down slides.

You know, there should be an amusement park just devoted to playing real life versions of your favorite games. Clue! Walk around a big mansion figuring out who done it. Sorry! Shove people out of their spot on the board when you land in their square. Candy Land! Traipse through a sugar-filled meadow snacking the whole way through.

I'm sending out a plea to someone with a lot of money and a nostalgic heart. Make this happen. It would be a hit! If not, I would personally frequent the place enough to keep it afloat. You can take that to the bank. And when you pass Go, you'll collect $200.