I didn't marry Jason for his fashion sense. That's for dang sure. But I will say that I love his taste in shoes. (Apparently, so do cops.)
A couple weeks before Christmas, I decided I wanted to get a pair of classic New Balance sneakers. I kid you not, the very next day when I came home from work, Jason said to me, "I really want a pair of classic New Balance sneakers." If that isn't precious, well then you just don't know what's what. Obviously, we're meant for each other. Because a couple that wears matching shoes, stays together. Or something like that.
Since I'm a good wife, I got Jason some New Balance sneakers for Christmas. And because I'm a jealous shoe-loving woman, I bought myself a pair this week. I just really wanted to be in with the cool kids. (The cool kids in this situation being Jason. Who really isn't that cool but apparently he was a big deal in middle school.) Now the debate has begun as to which pair is more boss than the other. (Are the cool kids saying "boss" these days?) And so far, there is 1 vote for the green ones, and one vote for the blue ones. Anyone want to settle the score?

While we're on the topic of shoes, I posted this picture to Instagram the other day and this was the conversation that followed.

Oh Jason, silly me. Of course she was asking about YOUR shoes.


  1. hahah LOVE that he got in the convo too :)

  2. I love your riding boots here! Haha. And funny comment about the shoes.

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  8. love your writing style! :)


  9. Im being seriously honest here... Your shoes would have to be more "boss" than your husbands.

    Im addicted to your blog!

  10. Ha! Great story. I like NB! So I guess it's also good news for me since my husband and I have matching converse!

  11. It's the same thing with my husband! His style isn't much to talk about (t-shirt, zip up hoodie, jeans) but his shoes are always great! He just picked out a navy blue and neon green pair. I don't know where it comes from. While he's never had a cop compliment his shoes like your husband, the father of a groom did stop to tell him "cool shoes" while he was walking down the aisle. During the wedding!