BTIL says the darndest things

And now for some whatthewhat-ery that comes out of Jason's mouth.

Jason: I'm sleepier than a lumberjack after a long day of cutting down trees.

Me:We have to be up early tomorrow.
Jason: Yeah, like a pirate.

If you ask Jason a question such as Are you going to work-out in the morning? or, Is the Nuggets game on at 7? or, Do you love me more than anyone else in the world?, instead of a simple yes, his affirmative response in quick succession is always: YeahUhHuhThat'sRight


  1. I love that you post the darndest things from the BTYL. He's funny without trying to be and that's the funniest kind of funny.

  2. I love it! I love when people say the most random things especially our loves!

  3. Hello, I'm Angel. Good to meet you. I enjoyed your blog and am now a follower.

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  5. Hey Rebecca! What a funny idea for a blog series. I can just imagine doing this with things my boyfriend says. That guys imagination is CRAZY. Ha.

    I found you through the GFC hop and I'm your newest follower. Keep up the rambling. I dig it! ;)