Circus Walls

They started painting the hallways in our apartment complex last week. The ceiling was first. We assumed they were going to repaint with the same neutral colors of our current walls.  One night Jason and I ran over to another building to deliver some goodies to a neighbor and stopped in our tracks when we walked in. Apparently, the new management needed more of a party atmosphere because the scent of newly legalized marijuana floating around just wasn't enough.

In additional to large stripes on the walls, each doorway is getting a new color. Blue, green, or orange. Jason and I were both pulling for blue. Or really anything but orange. They added color to our hallway today. As I walked in from work I saw that our hallway had two options. Broncos colors. Every other door was either blue or orange. 50/50 chance. I came around the corner but could only see the door next to ours. ORANGE! It was orange! And by my deductive reasoning I deduced that ours would be blue. Obviously this warranted a text to Jason. BLUE! This also warranted a celebration. So for dinner, we had tacos.


  1. Celebratory tacos are the best kind of tacos! :) Glad you got what you wanted.

  2. Tacos are the best way to celebrate! Great blog! Looking forward to reading it in my Google Reader. :)

  3. That is so great that they decided to jazz the place up!! Yay for blue!!!