A little tip

Maybe you already know this trick. If so, WHY DID YOU NEVER TELL ME?! I just found this out. And I think it is positively brilliant. The other night I made this amazingly delicious and unsurprisingly unhealthy corn chowder. It was my intention to make some bread to go with it, because those chilies make it hot, therefore bread is a must. But while the dough should have been rising... I was at something called work. Sitting at my desk. Reading the recipe. And realizing that at that very moment, the dough should have been rising.
So I decided to go with the ole grocery fail-safe. Did you know that you can go to your local grocery store bakery (I went to Safeway) and ask the baker for a loaf of unbaked dough? They might not know what you're talking about, but if you tell them that you'd like to purchase some dough, they usually oblige. One dollar and 30 minutes later, you have a beautiful warm loaf coming out of your oven and basically look like a domestic superhero. (Or you can freeze it and look like a domestic superhero at another place and time. It's like having a cape in your freezer.)

The more you know...


  1. That's genius! :-)

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