Thought Throw-Up

Isn't it amazing what moving the part in your hair 3 centimeters to the right can do to your face? I look awesome.

Why are water fountains at ice cream shops so dang delicious? Sodium?

How come everyone in Connecticut wore sneakers to school and no one in California did? That made me look like a loser when I started my junior year of high school after moving across the country.

Do you ever scroll through your Facebook feed and forget which people you had actual relationships with and which people were simply acquaintances? Ugh, I'm the worst at keeping in touch.

Are your ears pierced? Do you wear earrings? Mine are and I don't.

Why is it that I don't cry over actual sad things* and yet I cry when I watch this dumb commercial? *Unless it's heart-wrenching, obviously. 

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  1. I'd imagine the water is so delish because it's so cold!

    What did the kids in Cali wear to school if they didn't wear sneakers?

    Or all those FB ppl that are now your "friends". Gotta love those ones (you know who I'm talking about) -

    Pierced. No earrings.

    Such a sweet commercial! Awww. Thanks Dad.

    Great post. I'm enjoying it all.


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