We flew home to California for the quietest Thanksgiving ever with my parents. None of my siblings were able to make it so it was just us four. So we ate a lot, crafted a bit, saw some old friends, visited Old Town Sacramento, went on a walk with the abominable snow man (and obtained the best picture ever but I promised not to share it but I also will never delete it because it's good for a laugh) and watched a lot of Seinfeld

This was also the trip that I finally overcame my fear of flying. I've dealt with this anxious, awful fear for a whopping 12 months of my life. It all started when I moved to Denver and then proceeded to fly on EIGHT of the most turbulent flights of my life. (Like drinking-tipping, people-shrieking, we're probably going down turbulence.)

I grew up flying a ton. I've never been afraid of flying, but for the last year every plane I was on seemed like it was going to fall out of the sky. And that can make a person a little antsy. Luckily, it seems that year of bizarre flights has come to an end and the last few have been fairly normal. 

Thank goodness because then I would have had to start driving every where and long car trips are the worst...especially through northern Nevada. 


  1. You and Jason made it a wonderful Thanksgiving for us. We're still eating turkey.

  2. Is that a device that makes pom poms?? I've been trying my hand at making them but they always come out just...eh. But if there's something that actually helps make them even and pretty then that's awesome!

  3. How weird is flight fear? Statistically we are far more likely to have an accident in our little-tin-can known as a car but there is just something so bizarre about sitting in a chair thousands of feet in the air. Crazy!