Reason I love Jason #3278

Jason insists on using his made up words rather than the actual word assigned to a specific object or meaning.

Ex. No. 1 - Key Swab
Ex. No. 2 - Bagadabing Bagadaboom

Correction No. 1 - Key Fob
Correction No. 2 - Badabing Badaboom

He's a real Dr. Shakespeare Seuss that one. But really he does these things to annoy me. And I correct him endlessly, which probably annoys him. And that works for us. And basically we love each other.

Photo of a photo from sister's wedding


  1. Haha!! this cracks me up, I do this all the time!!!

  2. I love documenting little things like this that you could so easily forget in ten years time. You would likely remember that he did it, but not specific examples. Gotta love blogging!

    P.S. Hello from a new follower- looking forward to having a nosy through your archives :)

  3. Thats hilarious! I think that "fob" is a weird name anyway...

  4. HAHAH this made me laugh. I make up words, too...that aren't even in the dictionary. It's weird. Love the picture!