Namesake pants

Do you ever feel more inclined to buy something because the name of the item in question is in fact your name.

For example:
"That dress isn't that cute. Oh look! It's called Rebecca. I should probably buy it."

I was overly tempted to buy a pair of Paige jeans that had TERRIBLE rear pockets because their name was my last name.

...Doooes that ever happen to you?


  1. Too many Andersons so it's not that special and not enough Barbie, except the doll and I'm really over that. But when I see my kids names or my husbands name I get real excited and tempted to buy a dumb souvenir. Be grateful I don't. You would not really appreciate them, like the bear key ring from Alaska or the Penn State money clip or the Colorado tribal ornament with lots of feathers.

  2. Can't say I see much that's named Alexandria...

  3. I think I might start buying anything sun related now.
    I also think I saw some jeans called Alexandria, Alexandria. Nothing has ever been called Caitlin.