Christmas shopping

Last Christmas Jason and I bought a customized pad of paper from Zazzle for his parents. We play a lot of hand & foot so we thought this would make the perfect gift. As you might be able to see from this picture, that pad has gotten a lot of use.
So I've decided that I need to do all of my Christmas shopping at Zazzle this year.

For Caitlin:
I'd get her this shirt. Because she took anatomy in high school and still has every bone in the body memorized. And she likes to correct me when I refer to them as my "leg bone" and my "arm bone." Also, we do puns in this family. 

For Jason:
I'd get him this phone case. Because he loves Colorado and the Colorado flag. And then maybe he'd stop wearing his Colorado flag t-shirt ALL THE TIME!

For myself:

I'd get this monogramed key chain. Because I have been asking for a key chain for a year and a half and Jason keeps forgetting to get me one. Such an easy gift. And so cheap! Jason, buy this!

For everyone else:
I'd get them this mug with our ugly mugs on it. My mug is on a mug. Life goal complete.

And just like that, Christmas shopping is done!


  1. Perhaps the reason I still have every bone memorized is because I am also CURRENTLY taking anatomy.

    PS I only correct when you go, "The arm bone's connected to the...leg bone." Really??
    PPS if I don't get that mug for christmas, I might cry.
    PPPS I like that your blogging again.

    1. Haha. I have NEVER sang that... have I?

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