Holidays at our House

Christmas deco

This will be our 3rd Christmas together. And it will be the first one in which a tree was involved. Since we'll actually be spending Christmas at home this year I was adamant that we have a tree. And thanks to my mom, we now have an advent calendar that looks just like the one I grew up with. Which I am just thrilled about because I loved that thing in all it's velcro glory. And with those two things up it sure started to feel like Christmas. The final touch was switching my Scentsy fragrances from Thanksgiving to Christmas smells. (Get Buckleberry! It's amazing!) Now if it would only snow here in Colorado that would be the frosting on the Christmas cookie!

The next step is to find some goodies to place under the tree. Which is proving to be a little difficult. Can someone please make a Christmas Gift Guide for your husband that is NOT a v-neck wearer, helvetica lover, gadget buyer, or alcohol drinker? Basically every blogger's husband is "cooler" than mine and therefore, their gift guides are not helpful. I need a gift guide for a man who loves sports and dogs and Chipotle. Any ideas?


  1. That little advent calendar is so cute! Haven't been by your blog in a while - your layout looks adorable :)

    And I hear ya, shopping for men can be tough. Maybe buy him a Chipotle gift card and wrap it in dog printed paper?! :D

  2. thank you! not only would spencer not like the majority of those gift suggestions, he'd be pissed that i spent so much money on something so dumb. like a shaving and/or traveling kit? no. iphone/ipad gadgets and accessories? doesn't own either. let's be honest, all he really wants is for me to buy myself more lingerie. done and done.

  3. Remember how Colorado has billions of sports teams? Get him tickets! Or paraphernalia. Or a burrito. Or a dog. ;) My problem is my husband wants really expensive stuff like a new suit or a go pro or new soccer cleats. seesh.

  4. great photos..thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.

  5. great photos sweetie! loving your blog

    want to follow each other? :)


  6. Love the Christmas tree! Beautiful decorations of the house.



  7. Josh's parents always bought him a dog calendar before he could actually get a dog...letdown, but better than nothing? And I second the sports tickets idea...I got 76ers tix for my birthday and it was the best gift!

  8. Your tree is lovely! I love the little Santa hat on top, haha. xo


  9. A santa hat on top of the Christmas tree! Genius!! I've never seen that done and I love it! :) And I just ordered new scentsy for my sisters stocking and was considering Buckleberry but went with a different one instead!

    Hope you'll check out my blog & giveaway!