Father's daughter

My father tells a lot of puns (some bad, some good, all under-appreciated). He also likes to speak Spanish any chance he gets. The following is a direct result of being his daughter:

One time I was running around looking for my keys. "Donde estan mis llaves?!*" I yelled as I was running around the house in circles. And then all of the sudden my keys appeared. I held one up proudly. "Oh! Aqui!**" And then I smiled smugly and looked around to make everyone else in the room appreaciated my witty joke.

Moral of the story: I AM FUNNY IN SPANISH! But only when I've lost my keys.

* Where are my keys?!
** Oh! Here!


  1. haha! love it. you're so clever.

  2. and it would be donde estan* by the way... and can i mention how much i love how easy it is to comment on your blog? i cant sttttaaaand those verification code things so i appreciate this simple process