A Homecoming Date

I posted this picture on my old fashion blog but then I deleted that sucker and I really felt this photo deserved to be immortalized on this here blog. For those of you who don't know the backstory, I was going through family albums at Jason's parents house a few months ago and found this little gem.

That would be my brother-in-law, clenched fist and all, taking this gorgeous girl to homecoming. Jeff, that is Keri Russell. Unclench your hand!

When I first saw this photo, I thought, "That is so cool. I loved her in August Rush." But since then, Felicity showed up on Netflix Instant Watch. (I was a tad too young for that show when it was on air.) And now this picture has reached a whole new level of star-struck awesomeness. That is Felicity.. in my in-laws house, standing where I've stood many times, in front of a fireplace I've sat on many times, breathing the air I've breathed many times.. (Okay, that one might be a stretch.)

Oh Felicity, let's be friends.


  1. I love her -- how cool that you have that connection!

  2. Love me some Felicity! I was way more into Dawson's Creek than Felicity when the shows aired but after re-watching both series last year - Felicity is definitely the better show! I mean how can you not love Keri Russel and all of her emotions? And a time before cell phones and text messaging -- how do I get back there?!

  3. haha - John is OBSESSED with felicity. he has all the seasons on dvd and ive never even seen one episode