Rolls for Days

Jason and I went out to Utah last weekend to pick up the car I just bought from my parents. It's all-wheel-drive so it just made sense to have at least one reliable car in the snow here in Colorado. This car also happens to be a manual. Which means that both Jason and I now have manual cars. Which is a huge problem when my LFS kicks in. It's a very serious problem.. commonly known as Lazy Foot Syndrome. Because sometimes, you're simply too exhausted to exhert any energy pushing in that dang clutch. Am I right or am I right?
But this new car has it's perks as well. Bells and whistles, luxury vehicle, blah blah blah. All that is fine and dandy, but nothing holds a candle to its greatest feature of all. It ROLLS.FOR.DAYS. You just pop that sucker into neutral and it will go for miles. It is so good in fact, that the dubbing has been made official. He goes by Rolls For Days. Or RFD as I like to call him because those 3 initials are way less pretentious than his actual 3 initials.
Now, I drove this car my sophomore and junior years of college, and it was during that time that I developed a bit of a game. Oh looky, a hill, let's see how far I can go without using any gas. I may or may not have been guilty of going a little over the speed limit as I rolled down that hill to ensure that I could go the longest distance possible when I reached the bottom. I would give you an estimate of how far it could roll, such as two miles, but I'm really bad at estimating distance. So, I could either be way under or way over, and now we're just back to where we started.
Needless to say, now that this trusty little car has been returned to me, the game has continued. I rolled off the highway yesterday and slowed waaaay down heading up a hill knowing full well that if I reached the top, it would be smooth sailing heading down. Basically, I'm going to get great gas mileage like nobody's business. Keep rising gas prices. I dare you. You don't scare me & RFD.

RFD in his element: Snow! Yeah, it snowed here yesterday.
Forecast for next week in Colorado: High 60s and sunshine. I'll take it.

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