Permanent ink

cb wedding

I was going through the notes on my phone the other day and I came across this little one from tax season last year:

I was reading all of our information back to Jason to make sure it was correct. His name, my name, address, is this box checked, is that box checked, and when I finished he asked,

"Did you check the box that says they love each other?"

I rolled my eyes at his overwhelming cheesiness and thought, "I don't think the IRS cares, but we clearly checked that box long ago."

Photo Credit: Justin Hackwork
At Caitlin & Ben's wedding  7/2012


A blog post inspired fable

I just received an email from my dad...

"Rebecca, I wrote you a fable. Enjoy."

Attached was a document entitled The Violinist and the Bagpiper in the Garden of the Gods.

Yup, my dad is cooler than your dad.


Rocks and things

vscocam27 vscocam26vscocam25

On Labor Day, we drove down to Colorado Springs with our friends Ashley & Chris. We grabbed some dinner from Rudy's BBQ (I recommend the smoked turkey) and then took a leisurely stroll through the Garden of the Gods. As we were walking through we came across a cute violinist, dressed to the nines in his tux, playing some classical pieces. We continued walking by and all of the sudden the sounds of a bagpipe were echoing off the red rock walls. Naturally we turned back around to see this multi-talented violinist. Unfortunately when we got back to the violinist, we saw him looking up the hill at the bagpiper who was trying to steal his thunder. The violinist waited patiently and when the bagpiper finished his song, the violinist started up a new song, only to be interrupted by the bagpiper again. In a battle between a bagpipe and violin, the bagpipe will always win.. The violinist left not long after. I hope he kicked the shins of the bagpiper on his way out.

vscocam21vscocam28 vscocam24vscocam22

This past weekend, we drove over to Grand Junction (about 4 hours west of Denver) to spend the weekend at Chris's parents' house. We got some famous Palisade peaches and met Mema, the maker of peach salsa and all things delicious. Then we checked out The Monument. Sadly, there weren't any violinists to serenade us here. Just silence. But after years of living near cities and busy suburbs, silence really isn't a bad option either.