Family portraits: Color Scheming

Seeing as the Anderson family is now complete as far non-grandchildren family members go, we've decided to get some family pictures taken while we are all in Newport Beach next week. 10 adults. 5 couples. So naturally I put together a little inspiration board to coordinate colors without being too matchy. What do you think?



Dentist office woes

My office is on the second floor of our building. Directly below us is a dentist's office. So from time to time I'll hear a child crying. But not today. Today this child is wailing. Wailing and screaming. With all of his might. And so far, he's been going strong for 20 minutes. He can't have much left in him right? Every time his mom gets near he screams harder and runs away.

Poor kid.

In my expert opinion, his mom should just take him home and bring him back another day. And I am an expert not because I am a mother, but because I was that kid. Though my mom was kind enough to not let it go that far. She brought me home and brought me back a couple of days later and everything went smoothly. But that first day, there was no consoling that would have coerced me into that chair to be met by that mean old dentist with a big old needle in his hand. No sir.

I thought the kid had stopped. But he just started up again.

Is it wrong of me to turn on music to drown him out? Because I'm obviously not getting much work done.