Jason had his eye on some neon sneakers for awhile and a few weeks ago he finally bought a pair. And he is very proud of them. A little too proud. Every time he wears them he comes home with a report. 3 guys on campus, a lady on the train, someone in a parking lot have all complimented his good looking shoes. We really should start keeping a tally.

Tonight we went to the mall and when we came back there were 4 cop cars in our complex parking lot. Some guy walking by after we parked explained that a woman's car was getting towed and she was throwing a fit. (Why this requires 4 cop cars I do not know. But honestly Lone Tree cops have a pretty easy gig.) Because we are nosy people (aren't people inherently nosy?) we decided to go walk right through all the cop cars to get into our building. As we approached I noticed one cop eyeing us down. And because we are also law-abiding people who don't like confrontation, I was worried he was going to gruffly tell us to "move along" and that there was "nothing to see here." But right as we passed he smiled and said to Jason, "Hey! Nice shoes!" I just started laughing. People can't resist saying something when they see those silly neon shoes. Not even cops. I think that one should count twice.


  1. Haha, that is too much! I do think you need to keep a tally. And thank goodness it wasn't anything more serious at your apartment complex. I hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. So funny! They ARE pretty snazzy kicks! I'm kinda jealous! :)

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  3. Is that one of thiose, "you know you've made it when...". Good taste Jason!

  4. Is that one of thiose, "you know you've made it when...". Good taste Jason!

  5. Magic sneakers! Maybe hostage negotiators should start wearing them - they seem to be able to defuse tense situations. :)