No fireworks for the fourth

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I have returned from wisdom-toothless slumber. No, I wasn't actually sleeping. I was icing and pain-killer popping and soup, pudding, and applesauce-eating. But it's been a week and now I'm feeling fairly close to normal.

As you all know, yesterday was the 4th of July. But it was an odd one here in Colorado. Due to the recent wildfires that have been terrorizing the state, most counties banned fireworks this year. We had a really fun day, but when the evening rolled around, it was really sad to not be heading out to a fireworks show. It was also weird to not hear the popping and cracking sounds up and down the street from people lighting off their own personal fireworks. But luckily we got our patriotic fill that morning at our 4th of July church breakfast. One of the men in our church who serves in the Army read the Declaration of Independence. Which was almost as cool as loud, colorful embers in the sky. 

So happy birthday America. Hope you stop burning soon!

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  1. That was my dad!! :) I'm sorry you guys missed out on the fireworks, I was definitely thinking of everyone out west as I watched them out here! ps. I love your headband