You know what is awesome? When you have a brilliant idea and then someone else also has that brilliant idea and actually follows through with it.

I have been saying for years that you should be able to do a google search using pictures instead of words. Because sometimes all you have is a picture of a dress or a certain color and have no way of finding it. Well, those people at Google are way ahead of little ole me. I give you Google Image search.  

Picture 5 

Picture 3

Pretty impressive ay?

Well then I had this other brilliant idea that involved mailboxes in airport security lines, so when they tell you that you have to throw away your expensive perfume or lotions you can just ship them back home instead of tearfully saying goodbye to hundreds of dollars. I'm not talking about post offices in the airport or drop-boxes scattered through out terminals. I'm talking about a full-service drop-box right there in line. Well I don't know how many have this, but DIA has a nice little drop-box in their security line. I'm so glad there are people out there that follow through with their ideas, because if the world was full of people like me, well.. we would have nothing but good intentions.

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