Key-Change is good

Jason told me the other day that he thought the key to a good song was the presence of a key change. While this is clearly debatable, we immediately thought of the same song. Not only is the key change basically epic, but so is this insane music video. This also happened to be the one song my roommates and I always played from the jukebox when we went to the Malt Shoppe in good ole Provo, UT.


For those who have never had the opportunity to visit Happy Valley, home of Brigham Young University, the Malt Shoppe sounds way more quaint than it actually is. It's a dive. But it has a jukebox and greasy cheese fries, and delicious shakes. And when you put all of that together (especially with this song playing in the background), it's awesome. 


  1. Ace of Base was the first CD I ever owned that was really "mine," not borrowed from my parents. I played it OUT. Obsession.

  2. I've got to agree, key changes are where it's AT. I think that's why I love Beyonce's "Love on Top" so much - that thing has like 8 key changes!