Big Girls Don't Cry

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Last night we went to see Jersey Boys. They are here in Denver for a couple of weeks. Jason and I saw this show when we were in New York a few months ago and LOVED it. So when we heard they were coming we bought 12 tickets so our family could come along.
Last night was just one of the many events in a crazy string of craziness. We were in OKC for a few days last week and I am leaving for Sacramento today. In 4 minutes to be exact. Little sis is getting married!


  1. Jersey Boys is one of my favorites! So lucky for you to have seen it twice!

  2. Busy life! I've always wanted to see JB....I've heard it's awesome! Have fun at the wedding!

  3. Looks fun! And congrats to Caitlin! I'll be in Sacramento in a few weeks for Doug's little sister's wedding. We just missed each other!