Snail Pace Race

Jason and I are very different in a lot of ways. But there is one difference in particular that causes me great pain. I am an assertive walker. And Jason is a leisurely walker. That boy can mosey with the best of them. It is totally absurd that my 5'4 self can traverse an area in half the time his 6'4 self can. If he were to walk at his normal pace on one of the airport moving walkways and I were to walk at my normal pace next to that moving walkway, I would win that race every time.. It wouldn't even be close. I lose him in crowds all the time. I'm busy bustling and weaving and turn around to see Jason's head bobbing above everyone else with a dumb smile on his face looking like he hasn't a care in the world and has no where to be. Infuriating, I tell you. What good are my incredibly honed walking skills if I have to stop for Mr. Turtle all the time!? Though Jason would probably argue that his moseying skills are impeccable and his fast-walking-wife needs to take a chill-pill. But let's be honest, he wouldn't win that argument.


Big Girls Don't Cry

photo-2IMG_0517_edit photo-1

Last night we went to see Jersey Boys. They are here in Denver for a couple of weeks. Jason and I saw this show when we were in New York a few months ago and LOVED it. So when we heard they were coming we bought 12 tickets so our family could come along.
Last night was just one of the many events in a crazy string of craziness. We were in OKC for a few days last week and I am leaving for Sacramento today. In 4 minutes to be exact. Little sis is getting married!


Darndest things

I don't have a child, but I do have a Jason. And he says some pretty ridiculous things, which I have been known to keep track of on here. Since I didn't keep this blog up for a year, I took to writing down the Jasonisms on my phone. But come on, this stuff needs to be publicly recorded. I just can't deprive you any longer.

Me: How much do you love me?
Jason: 6
Me: Out of what?
Jason: Wouldn't you like to know?
I just finished eating something. Don't know what. Doesn't matter.
Jason: Was it delicious? Adequate to your taste?
Me: You're funny
Jason: And
Me: And cute
Jason: Keep going. Say more adjectives. Even synonyms would be fine.
Jason: You warm my heart... As in, you take my heart, put it in the oven, heat it to 350 degrees, and it bakes into a beautiful loaf of love.


You know what is awesome? When you have a brilliant idea and then someone else also has that brilliant idea and actually follows through with it.

I have been saying for years that you should be able to do a google search using pictures instead of words. Because sometimes all you have is a picture of a dress or a certain color and have no way of finding it. Well, those people at Google are way ahead of little ole me. I give you Google Image search.  

Picture 5 

Picture 3

Pretty impressive ay?

Well then I had this other brilliant idea that involved mailboxes in airport security lines, so when they tell you that you have to throw away your expensive perfume or lotions you can just ship them back home instead of tearfully saying goodbye to hundreds of dollars. I'm not talking about post offices in the airport or drop-boxes scattered through out terminals. I'm talking about a full-service drop-box right there in line. Well I don't know how many have this, but DIA has a nice little drop-box in their security line. I'm so glad there are people out there that follow through with their ideas, because if the world was full of people like me, well.. we would have nothing but good intentions.


Key-Change is good

Jason told me the other day that he thought the key to a good song was the presence of a key change. While this is clearly debatable, we immediately thought of the same song. Not only is the key change basically epic, but so is this insane music video. This also happened to be the one song my roommates and I always played from the jukebox when we went to the Malt Shoppe in good ole Provo, UT.


For those who have never had the opportunity to visit Happy Valley, home of Brigham Young University, the Malt Shoppe sounds way more quaint than it actually is. It's a dive. But it has a jukebox and greasy cheese fries, and delicious shakes. And when you put all of that together (especially with this song playing in the background), it's awesome. 




Jason had his eye on some neon sneakers for awhile and a few weeks ago he finally bought a pair. And he is very proud of them. A little too proud. Every time he wears them he comes home with a report. 3 guys on campus, a lady on the train, someone in a parking lot have all complimented his good looking shoes. We really should start keeping a tally.

Tonight we went to the mall and when we came back there were 4 cop cars in our complex parking lot. Some guy walking by after we parked explained that a woman's car was getting towed and she was throwing a fit. (Why this requires 4 cop cars I do not know. But honestly Lone Tree cops have a pretty easy gig.) Because we are nosy people (aren't people inherently nosy?) we decided to go walk right through all the cop cars to get into our building. As we approached I noticed one cop eyeing us down. And because we are also law-abiding people who don't like confrontation, I was worried he was going to gruffly tell us to "move along" and that there was "nothing to see here." But right as we passed he smiled and said to Jason, "Hey! Nice shoes!" I just started laughing. People can't resist saying something when they see those silly neon shoes. Not even cops. I think that one should count twice.


No fireworks for the fourth

IMG_0449 IMG_0458IMG_0464 IMG_0444

I have returned from wisdom-toothless slumber. No, I wasn't actually sleeping. I was icing and pain-killer popping and soup, pudding, and applesauce-eating. But it's been a week and now I'm feeling fairly close to normal.

As you all know, yesterday was the 4th of July. But it was an odd one here in Colorado. Due to the recent wildfires that have been terrorizing the state, most counties banned fireworks this year. We had a really fun day, but when the evening rolled around, it was really sad to not be heading out to a fireworks show. It was also weird to not hear the popping and cracking sounds up and down the street from people lighting off their own personal fireworks. But luckily we got our patriotic fill that morning at our 4th of July church breakfast. One of the men in our church who serves in the Army read the Declaration of Independence. Which was almost as cool as loud, colorful embers in the sky. 

So happy birthday America. Hope you stop burning soon!