When it rains..

It's pouring.

While nothing is life threatening or very serious, it's pouring nonetheless. Every single thing Jason and I try to accomplish lately isn't working out. And it always seems like it is going to work out and then comes to a crashing halt after we've had time to get excited or feel reassured. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed. Like we just can't catch a break right now. Bad news after bad news. And it's all so dang expensive. Like I said, nothing is life threatening (unexpected expensive tuition, plans for getting a dog falling through due to a massive non-refundable deposit required by our complex's new management, discovery of painful wisdom teeth after being told for years that I have none, flat tire and bent rim and hubcap, all within a week of some other depressing news), but it's making me sick to my stomach all the same.

We could really use some good news soon.

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