Walk this way

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I know the way to my man's heart. So the other night I said to him, "Hey Jason, want to go for a walk down to Yogurtini?" I know, it's a terrible name for a delicious frozen yogurt place. Because while Jason enjoys a good frozen yogurt, he LOVES a nice long walk. Just like a dog... And that is not an insult! Dogs are great. Unconditional love, kind, friendly, quick to forgive, lovers of walks. Jason and dogs actually share a lot of wonderful qualities. So Jason, you may take that as a compliment.

The problem with my brilliant plan was that we sorely underestimated the length of this long walk. It was longer than we thought. You see, the length we longed to walk was not long enough so we lamented the length of this long long walk.

Well about half way into it, we realized we were hungry. Very hungry. But we are also cheap. Very cheap. So even though Chipotle was on the way to Yogurtini, I wasn't about to pay 7 extra dollars for convenience. No ma'am.

So now, Yogurtini was on the way to our new destination. McDonalds. Which was even further than the original destination of our already very long walk. But McDonalds has something special. Redbox. Which actually isn't all that special. I just need to stop being so dang cheap and upgrade our service from just instant watch to getting DVDs again. Instant watch on Netflix is killing it with their tv shows, but boy are they lacking in the movie department.

After we enjoyed our delicious and inexpensive meal at McDonalds, we decided it wasn't worth it to cross the street to get to Yogurtini when there were delicious and inexpensive sundaes right at our fingertips. So we ate and smiled and walked on home. With a movie!

And that is how our failed walk to Yogurtini turned into a successful walk to McDonalds, where dreams come true.


  1. This would be my husband's ideal date . haha

  2. too funny! sounds like date night at the Baker house-McDonalds and redbox!