Pizza Party

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1- Peonies!
2- Pizza dough!
3- Pesto pizza!
4- Pathetic looking leftover cookie!

Last week we had a few friends over for a homemade pizza party (my favorite chocolate chip cookies made their appearance at some point as well). We had two pesto chicken pizzas and two pepperoni pizzas. And I had four frozen pizzas stored in my freezer in case disaster struck and my homemade dough failed me. There are now four frozen pizzas in my freezer that we may never eat thanks to our new pizza dough recipe (and thanks to my mother for providing it!).
Tonight is taco night, which early on in our marriage Jason decided was going to be his sole duty. Which is a-okay by me since he is typically the sole devourer of those tacos. And he makes enough to feed himself for a week. No cooking for a week!! I love taco night.


  1. Seriously? You are gonna rave about your pizza dough recipe and then not share it?!? Unfair!

    1. This aint no cookin blog. And the pizza dough recipe is neither healthy nor terribly unique. But if you really want it I will oblige.

    2. I don't care about healthy. Shoot me an email, por favor.