For awhile I have been keeping my journal through OhLife. It's a website that sends you an email every day; when you respond to the email it logs your journal entry for that day. It is perfect for a person like me who is terrrrible at consistently keeping a journal. So even if I don't write one day, I'll still get a pesky email reminder the next day and every day at 7 PM. OhLife is great and it works, there is only one problem.

It induces short but intense panic attacks.

Let's say (and this is completely hypothetical) I just composed a 500 word entry about dancing in the kitchen, or womanly things, or something equally embarrassing and personal.  Well, after hitting the send button there is almost always a panic that I did not just send that email to OhLife, and that instead I accidentally sent it to my boss or an old classmate or someone equally horrifying.

So far my reply button has not failed me and my emails have in fact gone to OhLife but they really should put a warning on their site and their emails that states:

"Use With Caution! Our product is not faulty but you will suffer from panic attacks nonetheless! 
You have been warned!"


  1. go to gmail>settings>labs and enable "undo send." that way you have a few seconds to click undo before it's actually sent. it's saved my peace of mind several times!

    1. Thanks Ris. That is really good to know!

  2. I feel the exact same way w/ texting Twitter vs. Spencer. I'm always afraid that my texts I sent to Spencer will accidentally be sent to Twitter. I've sent Twitter texts to my friends so...it could happen. and yes, I send my husband embarrassing texts.

  3. I started doing this! Thanks! I used to journal all the time but it just got to crazy and an email makes it SUPER easy! Major props for sharing!